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  1. Sumo springs?

    After towing my 3500lbs camper a few hours on the highway with the SumoSprings, I can say I’m really happy with them. I have always used a WD hitch when towing, but the SumoSprings made a huge difference, a lot of the floating sensation is gone, along with the wiggle from the rear. The FX4...
  2. Sumo springs?

    I decided to be the test mule for this, as I could find any real world experience with these. I ordered the blue Sumo springs, the lightest ones, I just installed them on my FX4 that has a bed cap on it. You’re basically on the sumo spring all the time, and the factory shocks have a hard time...
  3. Driveshaft Phasing

    Does anyone know if the carrier bearing is available separately? If it’s cost effective, it might be worth reinforcing it with 3M Window Weld to stiffen it up, until/if an aftermarket option is available. have done this many times on racecars for motor/transmission mounts.
  4. Sumo springs?

    I regularity tow a lot with my ranger. I currently have a box cap on it that’s adds weight too. I’ve been looking into Sumo Springs and Timbrens as a way to help the ride when loaded up, has anyone had direct experience with them on their ranger? My other vehicles have all had air bags, and I’m...
  5. Project Msfitoy V3.0

    How are you liking the MBRP exhaust? Have you had the opportunity to do any towing with it? The price point of it is really appealing, but I do enough towing that the noise increase at highway speeds is my major concern.
  6. Long Haul towing with the Ranger

    When hitting 220F, fan was on, this was full throttle,20lbs I’d boost, up a 5% grade, doing 110KPH, ambient temps were also 95F ish. Like I said, as soon as you let off to less than full throttle, temps drop quickly. I guess my original post was a little bit misleading in regards to how much...
  7. Long Haul towing with the Ranger

    One thing to note, is the temp gauge is horribly inaccurate. My typical water temps are 197-202F while driving and even while towing. Up any sort of grade, as soon as the boost builds and you’re going full throttle, it doesn’t take much to see 230F. I typically let off and slow down as soon as...
  8. MBRP EcoSleeper for the 2019 Ranger

    Would love to know what it sounds like in cab while pulling a trailer. That was the main complaint about my 5.0 f150 with the manga flow, 3000rpm for hours at highway speeds was taxing on the ears
  9. Rear diff covers now available

    ROW rangers have an entirely different rear end, most notably with rear drums, and a multi spring leaf pack. The dana m220 was likely chosen for its efficiency over the ageing 8.8 design. The fact that the Dana design is shared with other light duty truck(Jeep, GM twins) likely keeps costs low...
  10. Rear diff covers now available

    I believe the differential housing itself has the drain plug threaded into it
  11. F150 Raptor parts on a Ranger?

    After looking at the price of used sets, you’d be better off getting a set of new remote resi king or fox remote resi shocks. Designed for the ranger, and cheaper.
  12. What are you guys towing?

    Depends on what kind of ball mount you’re using. The only way you’ll know what you need, is to measure. I used a 6” drop with a WD hitch set up, and realistically, I should run an 8” drop to get everything set up properly
  13. J0shM1lls' Ranger Build Thread!

    Same capacity as stock. It’s actually a rebranded Dana Spicer cover.
  14. Is this true? MUST finish drain and refill in 10 mins or RISK involved

    Because they didn’t. It doesn’t apply to the 2.3 EcoBoost
  15. Rear lift, blocks or shackles?

    I don’t know why anyone would choose a block over a shackle lift. I’ve seen way too many blocks come loose, not to mention the added leverage they add to the leaf spring, leading to the increase change of wheel hop in high power applications. When lift my front, I’ll be adding a shackle in the...
  16. Water/Meth Injection Kit

    Isn’t all the metering done in the nozzle selection? 1/2/3 GPH etc?
  17. Water/Meth Injection Kit

    Atomizing of water/meth absorbs massive amounts of heat. Basically chemical inter cooling. Methanol has a high octane rating, allowing you to essentially burn higher octane fuel when needed, while only paying for pump gas. Higher octane allows for more timing, higher boost levels, and on and...
  18. Water/Meth Injection Kit

    I’ve had it in several turbo cars and diesel trucks. My 3.0L TD Hilux Surf had it energize through two 1.0 GPH nozzles whenever the truck hit more than 10PSU of boost, so it ran constantly at highway speeds. I ran a 40 gallon tank of it. In the summer months I’d run straight water just to save...
  19. 12 volt bed outlet question

    It’s not constant power. It’s energized for a short time after the truck is turned off.