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  1. Place for Photography

    Phil, That is awesome! She has some tremendous talent.
  2. Place for Photography

    Thank you, I appreciate the compliment. Its always amazing how sometimes I take an image and look at it later and wonder what i was thinking, and other times shots I never thought twice of look great when i look back later. Its always a surprise in the end.
  3. Place for Photography

    Just got back from just shy of 3 week road trip throughout Oregon and Washington.
  4. 13.267 @ 104 mph new personal best

    Definately get extra cooling by using the extra volume needed to run E85. The prob with meth/water is it is easier to cause corrosion inside the engine/injectors then E85.
  5. Issues with Easy-Fuel filler in California

    CA is in a downward spiral... its funny any liberal would ever leave here because its the utopia for socialism/high taxes that they all love so much. Me as a conservative am tired of my vote never going anywhere.. not even close. Oh and we have been on the road for over 2 weeks out of CA, and...
  6. Issues with Easy-Fuel filler in California

    I thought CA was bad until Seattle has been in the news... I’m worried Seattle people will come to CA now
  7. Issues with Easy-Fuel filler in California

    If i rotate the handle to the left looking at the filler it seems to work better...but i have a lot of issues with these stupid nozzles to.
  8. Must watch shows and movies

    Tracy, I realized I told my mom it was mildly violent and she said the same thing as you... oops lol.
  9. Things are becoming repetitive around here

    That dude is a Toyota plant
  10. New Engine Cover

    I just put one on and you can definitely hear less fuel injector noises
  11. ROUSH Tune

    I am definitely still happy with the power increase , you can really feel the torque increase. We are actually in the middle of a 3 week road trip, just drove from northern CA to northern WA and I averaged 22.9mpg (per the truck) with an extra 600lbs of gear in the back, so I would say the fuel...
  12. ROUSH Tune

    Tom, Awesome. Did you go with the Dashbridge CX cable?
  13. Beautiful Pictures

    blue pool in Oregon
  14. ROUSH Tune

    I cannot tell actually...
  15. ROUSH Tune

    Tom, i installed the cai too. Got exhaust but won’t be able to install for a few weeks.. hoping it uncorks it some more.
  16. ROUSH Tune

    I ended up going with the Roush tune and overall i can say I am really happy with it. Had already been using premium fuel but now has a definite power increase, makes the truck a lot more fun to drive. Not sure about the other tunes, but when I got this it just came with a card. I called the...
  17. Things are becoming repetitive around here

    I am interested if it’s free, I can’t risk mine failing and not having a spare around.
  18. Old-school Turbo Muffler

    I have always been a Honda fan (dont hate me), and the Dynomax Superturbo has always been a cheap and great flowing muffler. Just make sure to use a good resonator that long enough.. it can get raspy/fart can sounding without one. thats long enough
  19. Things are becoming repetitive around here

    Is there a performance comparison on the best brand of tailgate damper to use? :crazy: