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  1. Report your MPG

    Yeah, my last couple of tank averages were 230 mostly highway miles at 23.7 mpg and 277 miles (with about 30 towing my boat) at 23.3 MPG...that plus the summer gas formula helps too
  2. Report your MPG

    my last trip back from camp...83 miles, 28.6 MPG! Avg speed 60 MPH :rockon:
  3. Report your MPG

    Oh yeah, btw I do not use auto start/stop 😄
  4. Report your MPG

    I filled up and reset the MPG for the trip to camp today...27.6 mpg averaging 55-60 MPH
  5. Hands Free driver assist Coming to Ford Vehicles, including Ranger

    Well Pride, luckily my truck did not come with ACC or lane keep assist because I'd rather be my own nanny. And yes, I am aware of being able to set the threshold detection distance; it was the same on the subaru, still annoying and unless you set the threshold to zero it would still fight you...
  6. Trail control fault

    yup, my battery is fine too...tried activating after almost two hour drive to enter my camp road...request denied!
  7. Trail control fault

    You must just have posted this as I searched like mad all over the forum for trail control issues. I dont have push start, but habe got the trail control fault error but no CEL or brake warning lights....that's all I got
  8. Trail control fault: see manual...

    The last couple of times I tried to engage trail control I got this message: "trail control fault: see manual" I pulled out the manual...but all it says is : "displays when a system fault is present, see the trail control section in your owners manual"....pages 174-175. All the possible...
  9. Hands Free driver assist Coming to Ford Vehicles, including Ranger

    What annoyed me about ACC (I had it on a couple of subaru loaners) is that: say you set cruise to 70 and you approach a slower vehicle on your lane, and instead of just remaining at 70 mph and pass said slowpoke, the ACC slows your vehicle to match slowpoke and you have to annoyingly mash the...
  10. Hands Free driver assist Coming to Ford Vehicles, including Ranger

    hmmm....not sure about this; I am already half-annoyed at the collision assist gets mad if I go to pass a vehicle without putting on the blinker-it has done that a couple of times when I had to do a quick pass to avoid some blockhead with touchy brakes...the point is: I really don't...
  11. DIY: Adding the 12V Power Outlet Option in the Bed

    the mod works well without affecting the latch, just a little more effort....and I can latch/unlatch without swinging out the box....uh-huh-huh!...I said swing!
  12. Tracy Bowman Appreciation Thread

    I'll take a mens XL pleeeze!
  13. DIY: Adding the 12V Power Outlet Option in the Bed

    It does now that I hacked the LH handle in half you can see the deets here
  14. Is changing to the locking diff from xlt sport plug and play?

    Nope...they make one for the DANA 44 on the jeeps but I am told those have the wrong shaft spline count
  15. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    And here is the black beast done getting a shine after a little fun at the gravel pit next to the wife-mobile
  16. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    Here is mine at Rye Harbor parked next to some cool boats....and my sailboat
  17. Weirdest thing just happened?

    I learned to drive standard on a three-on-a-tree Dodge Diplomat with a 318-4bbl....that car went through tires like popcorn at a movie
  18. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    This evening after a quick sunshower...
  19. Two Totally Useless Features As They Came From the Factory

    I have been using my rear window on warm days when it's not quite AC weather...ride home with the front driver window down and the rear window open is nice. As for needing power...I have that solved for now (my kids in back are my power window). Both my previous Rangers had the rear window which...