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  1. Swing Case Tool Box on sale

    Thanks for posting. They also have some Yakima rack components for 10% to 20% off as well. I ordered a few days ago but didnt think to post about it.
  2. Pet Peeves

    I agree it's pretty light feeling. I just find I often need to turn the steering wheel about 5 degrees more than what feels right for the corner I'm driving. I have been giving this more thought. Maybe I'm not used to having a 4x4 with its increased ride height and taller tires. Before the...
  3. Pet Peeves

    After reading this entire thread, it looks like I'm alone in thinking the rack and pinion gear ratio is way to high (or low? I get confused). I find that the lane keeping system frequently brings me back in because I am not turning the steering wheel enough for bends in the road. Owned the...
  4. Tailgate step

    I couldn't find one specific to the ranger two months ago when I installed mine. It's not very difficult and you've got us if you have any questions. :fingerscrossed:
  5. PNW Chit Chat

    I'd be up for something. Maybe after the pandemic dies down a bit? On a PNW quirky side note, I found out that Florence Oregon recently made a park to commemorate something that happened there in 1970. Attaching the link below if anyone is interested and there is a video clip half way down the...
  6. Broken wheel studs

    Wow. If it was truly defective studs I think an emergency recall is in order. My first instinct would be operator error. (The mechanic and his impact wrench)
  7. PNW Chit Chat

  8. Where can I get a leveling kit installed?

    Very nice.
  9. Where can I get a leveling kit installed?

    Nice wheel and tire package. can you share size, offset and fitment details?
  10. Auto Start

    The auto start in our rangers cant be turned off permanently except by using a chip, LED light or FORscan correct? I have been trying to turn mine off on the display but it resets every time I restart the truck. Even reset the Mykey I made to limit my top speed. I'm sure this has been discussed...
  11. Tailgate step

    I go from the step right to the tailgate / bed. Wish I lived closer so you could give it a once over.
  12. Tailgate step

    Just installed mine last weekend. It is a bit pricey, but worth every penny!! took about an hour. Must have if you climb up in your bed frequently and am a short person like me. :LOL:
  13. PNW Chit Chat

    been here almost 30 yrs and I think some part of the pass is always under construction. I get the same feeling about I-90 in western MT as well but don't drive regularly enough to know for sure. 🤷‍♂️
  14. Ranger Raptor Wheels Design flaw? Clean them well!

    Wow! Thanks for teaching me something.
  15. PNW Chit Chat

    Alright PNW Rangers. Where are we headed on this fine holiday weekend? I'm thinking a hike out past north bend is gonna happen :like:
  16. Tie down bolt and hole stripped

    As someone who deals with a lot of threads and fasteners i can offer some tips for thread repair. 1. Usually only the lead thread will be damaged on a threaded hole unless a power tool was used to install and ran in deep before the cross threading was noticed. 2. if you can run the tap from...
  17. Ride Quality?

    I have a 19 lariat FX4 and agreed it felt like a boat. Also had the pulsating brake feel some complain about. Took it to the dealer yesterday for the fox 2.0 upgrade. I was given a 19 XLT FX4 as a loaner and couldn't believe how much stiffer the suspension felt. Less body roll in curves and...
  18. Where can I get a leveling kit installed?

    I was going to suggest Tacoma. I never had work done by them but a few friends recommended them to me when I asked around. Let us know how it goes if you get the work done there.
  19. Ford Ranger Thunder Edition Introduced For Europe

    I really like the dark roof and pillars. Driver side grab handle on the A pillar? Yes please...
  20. Window Seal Fit

    My truck has the same issues on all four doors. I only notice it when I'm washing the truck but really expected better from Ford. Manufacturers have been putting trim around windows for a long time. You'd think they could get it right by 2020.