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  1. Pistol holster mount

    Well, with the seat belt on, it is not very easy to draw from my holster. Takes time to undo seatbelts, move enough to access...etc. Plus on long trips it is much more comfortable to remove from holster. I went with Molle backed seat covers. Have a holster mounted to the back of the...
  2. No more front license plate required (as of 7/1/20) for my Ford Ranger in Ohio - I replaced it with this.

    I ordered my Ranger last may. Took delivery july 31, 2019. Made sure the dealer did not install front brackets for plate.. no reason too since law passed, even if not in effect yet. Looks much better with no plate up front.
  3. Ford Points?

    I've been using mine for oil changes. I just tell them I am using points when I make the appointment. 3 so far. Should have 3 more.
  4. Livernois Tuning released

    Ypu can run the 87-89 performance tune with any gas with no issues. Higher octane will just perform better.
  5. Who’s running a tuner?

    I didnt want to bash anyone....Torre sounds like a good dude. Not shifting manually seems like it that should have been caught before you got it. But I am not a tuner, so no clue how all that goes into it. Like I said, i installed 4 tunes and had zero issues, shifting or otherwise.
  6. Who’s running a tuner?

    That seems like a lot of issues from a tuner..... I have installed all 4 tunes received from Livernois without a single issue. Multiple issues like that would have me thinking refund. 1 is explainable..... but 3? Dont they test the tunes before sending to you?
  7. Livernois Tuning released

    Well thanks to some busted ribs.....took a little longer to install the 87-89 performance tune. All I can say is wow. After some easy driving to let the tranny recalibrate, I took the truck out today to see what this tune is about. Rolling at around 3 mph, I smashed the pedal to the floor...
  8. Who’s running a tuner?

    May have does not equal prove. For drivetrain issues you still need to prove the tune was the cause of the issue in order to deny warranty claim.
  9. Who’s running a tuner?

    Sorry, buy federal law states you have to prove the custom tune caused the issue. If the air conditioner stops working, you would have to prove the tune caused it in order to not honor factory warranty. just simply running a custom tune does not void warranty.
  10. Livernois Tuning released

    No, this is not how it works. Automatic Transmission Adaptive Learning This feature may increase durability and provide consistent shift feel over the life of your vehicle. A new vehicle or transmission may have firm shifts, soft shifts or both. This operation is considered normal and does not...
  11. Livernois Tuning released

    That's not really how it works. It's not learning you, its adapting to the motor/truck. If someone else drives your truck, it will shift the same as it does now.
  12. Livernois Tuning released

    It is. Tire size option right off main menu.
  13. Larger Tires and Speed Correction - Who Has Done it?

    My livernois tuner comes with tire size adjustment. Can also read and clear error codes. Tire size is real easy. Choose tire size from menu. Type in new rotation per mile from manufacture web site. Easy peasy.
  14. Approx how long do original pads last?

    You have a loooong way to go unless you are hard on brakes. My 2014 f150 went 75k on OEM pads.
  15. Did I make a mistake?

    Not really the case. Depends on 2 or 4 wheel drive. And packages. My XL STX 4x4 came with 17's.
  16. F-150 converts

    I traded in my 2014 F150 STX 4x4. Loved that truck. Hated the size and MPG. I tow a small trailer and camper, log splitter, nothing too big, so the rated 7k is good enough for me. MPG went from 17-18 to over 26. Had zero issues with the F150, and 17k in zero with ranger. I have the...
  17. Livernois Tuning released

    Well, with the MPG improvement, it will pay for itself.
  18. Dead on road after auto stoo

    So the problem is a faulty battery. Nothing to do with auto start_stop. I mean you can go on thinking 1+1 is 14, but common sense says bad battery. Like many others have seen.
  19. Livernois Tuning released

    Just so folks know what to expect....I plan on installing all at some point and report. Installed the 87-89 soft shift tune. Drove for about 100 miles. Country 2 lane. You really do not notice any different from stock putsing around. You do know it ain't stock when you get on throttle...
  20. Biggest tires, no lift?

    You need to define what you mean by performance.