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  1. Ride Quality?

    39 psi in 170/65/r16 Falken Wildpeak if I remember right. It was just as bouncy with the stock tires at 35 psi, Discount Tire recommended the higher pressure for the fatter tire.
  2. Ride Quality?

    The stock suspension is very soft and "bouncy" to the point where "The Ranger Bounce" was a thing. This is to give it a more comfortable ride on roads. It sucks, but its not anything HUGELY detrimental. I'm going to upgrade to the Fox Stage 1 kit when I get the spare cash, specifically to get...
  3. Anyone had this happen?

    The broke it, they pay for it. Period. That's why you pay them for it. If they fight you on it, take it to Ford directly, as I doubt they appreciate having a dealership that breaks their parts 50% of the time, then charges the customer for their stupidity.
  4. Air Freshener ruined my dashboard paint

    Honestly, I would try fixing the part you have, up to the point where the part is unsalvagable, before buying a new one. Ideas: Vinyl is easier to apply than you think, 2-3 attempts and you'll get the hang of it. Soapy water is key, watch some videos, you can do it. You can get a roll of vinyl...
  5. New style side mirrors with blind spot view

    I didn't even realize those weren't standard. Guess they are part of the Tow Package, my 2019 XL has em with just the tow package.
  6. 2019 Ranger Safety Recall - HVAC Blower Motor Issue - Recall 19S34

    After having a 2 month odyssey getting my HVAC fixed, I can't help but feel a bit of vindication from this. Doesn't fix the absolute crap fan output from the drivers side floor, or anything if you split it, but, maybe this will prevent someone else from having to give up their new truck for a...
  7. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Thanks man! I'm really happy with how it turned out too. :D
  8. Why did you choose a Ranger over another Truck

    Headroom (6'4" doesn't fit in a Tacoma) Turbo charged Engine that makes it fun to drive. Looks great. Cheaper than Honda. Ridgeline with any weight in it drags ass. Will never own a GM product again. Will never own a Nissan product again. Ford's reputation with Trucks. All added up to this.
  9. Floor heat

    Yup, its about as effective as an asthmatic 12 year old. Super sucks, but "working as designed."
  10. Heater went out, dealer still sucks.

    Got my truck back finally after a full month in the loaner while we waited for Ford to send the part. Parts that got replaced: KB3Z-18478-AA -W714409S439 HL3Z-19B596-A Which involved pulling the entire dash and center console apparently, and replacing the HVAC box. Super glad to have my...
  11. Heater went out, dealer still sucks.

    Update: In a Ford Escape top trim rental for the indeterminate future. Ford told them to replace the "HVAC Box" which contains the part that they have been replacing. However, the part is on backorder, and so is the box, and currently there is no ETA. So my projected repair time is 1 week -...
  12. Question for you tall guys

    I realized that OP has the SuperCab and not the SuperCrew. Maybe that has a shorter rail than the SuperCrew?
  13. Question for you tall guys

    6'4" with plenty of leg room, I'm a few clicks forward even. But that's also why I couldn't even consider a Tacoma, no headroom. Might want to check your leg angle to make sure you're not over extending/in a less than ideal position to apply full pressure to the brake if needed. I know if I...
  14. Heater went out, dealer still sucks.

    Apparently, the Ford Service troubleshooter ends at "replace this part" because the truck is too new. They sent an internal request to Ford for guidance, I drop it off Wednesday for them to do whatever they are going to do. Rumor is they're going to have to replace the whole HVAC system but...
  15. Heater went out, dealer still sucks.

    Another loud pop and ratcheting sound today. First time I had been out and about longer than the commute to work since getting it fixed. So back to having no heat and calling the dealer again tomorrow. Oh joy.
  16. Shrockworks sliders installed today

    Nice! I hadn't seen any that had the gloss instead of textured powder coat.
  17. Observations after 3000 miles

    Yeah I definitely love the drive train and handling. Everything it needs to be as a "truck" is fantastic. I just wish more care was paid to the details. For instance, the "ignition ring" thing. My first car was a Ford, and I can't say they've improved much in the 20 years since in that regard...
  18. Observations after 3000 miles

    Probably better on the higher end trims. Almost none of the plastic pieces in the interior of my XL fit perfectly, and are all of the cheapest possible material they could find, the vinyl floor is bubbly and lose, the gap in the tailgate on either side is hilariously large, the plastic material...
  19. Drilling holes on chassis! Will it void warranty?

    Shrockworks sliders have you drill 1 hole, and use 3 stick nuts, so you wouldn't be any less user friendly than they are. Was still relatively simple once you understood where everything goes and what you have to do. I haven't drilled the hole yet, so they aren't giving full protection, but...
  20. Observations after 3000 miles

    5k miles since I bought it in December. Probably a little fudged since I have upsized tires, but less than 1mph at 75, so meh. Perks: The handling is fantastic. The drivetrain is a joy. It functions as a fantastic truck. I smile just about everytime I look at it. Complaints: The HVAC is...