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  1. KNOCKOFF Ford Ranger Raptor Grille

    Well I picked up one with Blue letters.. I wanted the blue outlined but got tired of waiting. Any good install videos?
  2. KNOCKOFF Ford Ranger Raptor Grille

    Yea they lasted about a minute. I wanted the blue/black but right now I would have taken just the all blue and put vinyl over or painted.
  3. KNOCKOFF Ford Ranger Raptor Grille

    Is there away to get on a list so I can get one when they come in.. Pre-order or something? I would hate to miss out if you only get a few. I sent you a email on these back in like Nov.
  4. Take off vibration (video)

    When I did a test drive I did not feel it and I test drove 2 different Rangers but when mine came in it did. Some have been told this is a characteristic of the truck which would mean they all do.. I do not feel it all the time on my truck it is only at take off and under certain...
  5. Take off vibration (video)

    I have the vibration on take off as I have said in the other thread. I saw that video on the other thread and thought maybe that is what is happening but that is how it is feels. Like something is shaking or out of sync. My truck is not lifted and is stock.. The two truck I test drove did not...
  6. Transmission Issues

    Could the drive shaft being out of phase cause that? I actually posted that in the wrong thread it was supposed to be on the newer shudder thread oops..
  7. Transmission Issues

    Has anyone on this thread seen this thread: There is video on that thread posted by nyydmb12:
  8. Vibration at take off

    My 2019 XLT has the vibration at take off... Now I know why looking at the video. Honestly I hope they find a resolution to it because it is not a bad truck. Problem is once you feel it you can not unfeel it.
  9. KNOCKOFF Ford Ranger Raptor Grille

    When will you have the blue/black letters? If these are not going to happen when will the solid blue be in.. i contacted you in Dec and still have not seen them..
  10. Here's my baby all the way from sunny Phuket in Thailand

    Love the Grille.. Wish we had something like that.
  11. Go Rhino - now shipping "Raptor style" RB20 Running Boards

    Yea I just wonder if it is a issue with their powder coating.. This is supposed to be rugged for trucks and its not.. I should not be able to touch paint and it falls off. Maybe they are trying to turn them out too fast. They are not cheap either and way more than RB-10 and especially with the...
  12. Go Rhino - now shipping "Raptor style" RB20 Running Boards

    Are you sure? Most pics show it in the front.
  13. Go Rhino - now shipping "Raptor style" RB20 Running Boards

    I am going to say this I am very disappointed in the RB20 Running boards. First off I bought them for Stage 3 Motorsports. Well turned out they were not actually in stock and got a email asking if I wanted to wait.. Ok no issues but after several weeks I asked to have them cancelled because I...
  14. Ford OEM Bug Deflector - Disappointed

    I got the first one (smoke) but have not installed it yet.
  15. Colorado bent frame

    That is it right there. 👍 These companies are trying to push to the limits so they can out do each other. I think sometimes they are rated way to close. Just because you can does not mean you should do.
  16. So I went to our Honda Dealer today.......

    Who cares really. So someone likes the Honda. How does it affect you, not everyone has to like the same truck you have? Skip the thread. I find the thread interesting.
  17. So I went to our Honda Dealer today.......

    Yea I just hate the looks. It is great for someone who does not haul or pull allot but needs to haul like garden stuff you do not want in your SUV. For those who do mainly drive on the roads it is great too...
  18. Auto Stop / Start

    I agree.. I pull in the driveway and by the time I put it in park it shuts off and as soon as it gets in park it starts back up..
  19. Coronavirus - Ford Assembly Plant

    Actually just read the workers walked out..
  20. Trail control and Diff. lock on non FX4 models

    Locking diff can be on a non FX4 it is a option, not sure of Trail control.