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  1. Biggest tires, no lift?

    255 is a section width, not a tread width, it's 10mm narrower in the widest part of the tire than 265 section width tires. the tread of any given 255 section width tire varies depend on the tire design. These GY Duratracs have a 7.5 wide inch tread. BFG TAKO2 of the same size (255/75 R17) have a...
  2. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    The other two thread about tire size have the pictures. Someone just quoted the post in the “biggest tire size no lift” thread. no rubbing at full lock or on bumps.
  3. Biggest tires, no lift?

    255/75 r17 fits stock wheels and suspension with crash bars in place. It’s about .5 inch larger diameter than 265/70 r 17 tires.
  4. Biggest tires, no lift?

    Ding ding ding.
  5. Biggest tires, no lift?

    No rubbing
  6. Snowy Boston, love this Truck, but..

    4hi, no terrain management, no locker, let the traction control work. Flip it into 2hi when the road is no longer slick.
  7. Snowy Boston, love this Truck, but..

    Neither 4wd nor awd nor tires nor weight in the bed can stop you from making bad decisions and driving too fast for the conditions.
  8. Good mud flaps?

    There are already two threads about this in the exterior mods sections with pictures of what you are looking for
  9. Dual LED Fog Lights

    using LEDs in reflector housings blinds oncoming drivers. just look at all the extra wash on your garage door. that's going straight toward the eyes of oncoming traffic and up to the fog your fog lights are intending to shine under. Why use yellow in fog? Selective yellow is a longer...
  10. Extra weight in the bed?

    your number two reason is the reason why i do it. I’d rather not get to the point of requiring computer intervention.
  11. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    I also want to emphasize that the gap I demonstrated with the lighter is at full lock, and the lighter is placed in the worst spots. The clearance is better by inches in all other steering positions. There is still room for snow chains on the rear tires. a lift would not actually change the...
  12. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    Airing down narrow tires lengthens the contact patch and increases surface area in a rectangular shape, like a track. Wider tires have a squarer footprint and larger rolling resistance for the same surface area. Not all sand is created equal. It comes down to the grain shape. Beach sand is easy...
  13. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    that would be me with the bic pics. Several members have fit 255/75R17 My truck is stock height, with stock wheels, and no modifications to the crash bars or anything. there is no rubbing. part of the reason i chose duratracs in this size is because their tread is narrower than other tires of...
  14. 589|FAB's XL Super Cab Build

    Excellent pictures thank you! It fits like it's intended to be there. I appreciate that you will powdercoat the mount.
  15. 589|FAB's XL Super Cab Build

    thank you! I like the integration of the winch in the original bumper and look forward to seeing the fit of the bracket and clearance around the radiator. how much does the bracket weigh?
  16. 589|FAB's XL Super Cab Build

    Why is the stock skid plate left off? Is it possible to refit the plate with the winch in place?
  17. Options for flexible mud flaps?

    There are seven pages of mud flapping here already:
  18. Winter tires- did you downsize?

    5% increase in what dimension? Track width?
  19. Extra weight in the bed?

    I live in the snow ice slush zone of Maine. I find a little extra weight over the rear tires goes a long way to stabilizing the direction of travel and improving braking distances in a nose heavy pickup. Physics don’t change because it’s 2019 and we have traction control. I have 200 lbs of...
  20. Winter tires- did you downsize?

    After running dedicated snows on previous cars and first gen tacoma, i’ve elected to use duratracs year round 255/75R17 plus winter weight.