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  1. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    @IdahoRanger That's sad to hear this ! Your post struck some emotion with me. They are truly like family. My little guy is 14...and I am dreading the day as I know it's fast approaching. It does sound like you had many good years with him and smiles. Take care.
  2. Lane Keep assist

    I have the system alerts on max for both aid and alert. There is a strong nudge if I start to cross and the display shows yellow. When it turns red, it feels like I am going over rumble strips but without the audio queues that accompany going over real ones. I drive through two mountains...
  3. Who's interested in a foursome?

    I decided to get a truck as a forth vehicle for year round driving and the basic utility of one. Was sharing the wife's MDX SUV because my other two vehicles are impracticable. I went with the SCrew to make it a true 2nd family vehicle with a decent back seat. I have found the smaller bed a...
  4. [Updated] Ranger Ford Performance Power Pack Performance Tune Software (M-9603-REB) Released!

    :question: Not sure why you quoted me but I haven't said anything about a Livernois tune or a CIA. While we are on the topic tho, for me personally, I would opt to pay a few hundred more for a tune that retained the factory warranty. vs a few more ponies and lower cost.
  5. PNW Chit Chat

    @P. A. Schilke Yes sir but it seems to be under perpetual construction non the less.. The major recent construction is 95% complete. Its pretty nice this year. Just drove over the pass yesterday to Lake Chelan for the holiday weekend. I am constantly driving back and forth over the pass every...
  6. PNW Chit Chat

    I live in Snoqualmie....lots of good hiking and fly fishing in N.Bend! Have fun!
  7. Warning I’m a Newbie: Aftermarket BOV question.

    @outdoorphotog That's what I liked about the Forge Motorsports valve. It was spendy but you could adjust the spring coil inside to match what was needed for the vehicle vs a one size fits all spring. That way you could kind of "tune it"
  8. Warning I’m a Newbie: Aftermarket BOV question.

    You could go with Turbosmarts one. It is built for the Ranger and is indeed a hybrid model. This is what I was referring to earlier. Gets you the sound you want without the issues of a true BOV on diverter/BPV system...
  9. Warning I’m a Newbie: Aftermarket BOV question.

    Pretty much since it is now VTA. I have been guilty of this in the past, removing the recirculating tube on a stock diverter/BPV to see what it would do. It sounded cool but feathering the gas to keep up the idle when stopping was not fun so quickly switched back.
  10. Warning I’m a Newbie: Aftermarket BOV question.

    Do our stock systems have a BOV? I haven't bothered to look TBH but I don't hear one. I was under the impression that it is a diverter valve since it doesn't dump (VTA) but instead recycles the metered air back into the intake track. I've ran both in previous turbo vehicles but found that I...
  11. Best sources for OEM parts and aftermarket accessories

    I too back up the comments made about Levittown. I have bought a few things from them at a good price and fast shipping. Cant go wrong with them. Also check out their Ebay store.
  12. Rats in the engine bay

    Also on the battery....starting it once a week and letting it run is not doing the truck or the battery any good. That is not nearly enough time to return a charge to it. It is better to disconnect the battery or invest in a battery maintainer. If you do not have access to a power outlet, they...
  13. Rats in the engine bay

    Get a box of scented drier sheets and place the sheets in various spots in the engine bay (just don't forget to take them out :) ) and inside the cab. They don't like the smell and it keeps them away. Replace as needed. Moth balls work as well but don't smell nearly as nice. I don't have a...
  14. Battery Voltage is questionable - What is yours?

    I always went with the resting voltage should be in the 12.4-.6 range. At 12v thats pretty low.
  15. Boost gauges

    I do something very similar in my Evora. I use a combination of a GoPoint Bluetooth adapter, Dash Command on Android and a Pioneer 8200NEX head unit. The OBD2/phone passes the info to the head unit wirelessly. I am then able to use the touch screen on the Pioneer to work the app via touch as if...
  16. Fuel in oil

    @N. J. Jim Good to know and maybe that's what I'm smelling. There isn't a super strong smell of fuel. I have to stick my nose close to the wipe cloth to get a hint of it. It's my first DI engine so it did catch me a little off guard.
  17. Fuel in oil

    I have been monitoring mine and checking at various times during the month. It does have a slight smell of fuel in the oil but the level has never changed and is always near the top mark for the lat 9 months. I'm still on the factory fill tho and thinking it could be from engine break-in. I've...
  18. Battery Voltage is questionable - What is yours?

    I put mine on either one my 3 or 2amp battery maintainers once a week to keep the battery happy. I installed a quick connect on the battery so it only takes a minute to throw it on the maintainer. My truck sits most of the time and it does seem to have some good parasitic draw. Have had it since...
  19. [Updated] Ranger Ford Performance Power Pack Performance Tune Software (M-9603-REB) Released!

    So you have to leave it connected and mounted to run the tune? Its not a plug it in, flash it, remove and forget?
  20. Ford Fiesta and Focus

    I would think so but doesn't seem they have. Just look at all those Fiestas etc with the 1.0/1.6L ecoboosts across the pond a year or so ago. Ford tried to hide the issue but eventually had to refund folks for their cars over there. At least with the transmission issue, owners didn't have to...