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  1. MTB Bike pad - Which one do you use?

    That's what tailgate pads do, and why I won't use one.
  2. So you want to go Overlanding in the new Ranger...

    I have a Hiker. 0615201313 by Nate, on Flickr Mine is a Highway Deluxe model, but since each one is built to order, it has a couple choice upgrades that mean it could handle some rougher stuff. Namely a much stouter tongue and a 3500lb axle (whole trailer loaded only weighs about 1400lbs, so...
  3. Ranger Q2 2020 Sales Grabs Firm Hold of 2nd Place in Midsize Segment

    I looked at a couple Frontiers on a lot a number of years ago for the exact reason you mentioned. They had around 20k miles, certified pre-owned, and were around the $16k price range. They definitely weren't fancy. They were small, cheap, basic trucks. I wasn't necessarily opposed to that (my...
  4. No more front license plate required (as of 7/1/20) for my Ford Ranger in Ohio - I replaced it with this.

    I know there's a joke in here somewhere about losing the ability to identify bad Ohio drivers as they approach from behind you, but I can't remember it.
  5. Ranger Q2 2020 Sales Grabs Firm Hold of 2nd Place in Midsize Segment

    Tacos are like rats in my area. Plenty of Colorados, too. I see a few other Rangers, and I think there's one in particular that I see with some regularity. There's a few Gladiators, too. My dog trainer got one...I've mentioned her before, she's the person that went to a Gladiator from a Prius.
  6. SiriusXM anyone else tired of their non-stop spam

    I'm on Verizon. On that page, note that said price is if you're using it on 4 different lines. It goes up substantially if you reduce it. 2 phones on my plan, and it jumps up to $60/mo. That cheapest rate doesn't say anything about mobile hotspot data, either (the other plans mention what they...
  7. Would I be okay towing this RV?

    Yeah, I got enough of peeing into those damn things during a 3 week hospital stay about 11yrs ago.
  8. SiriusXM anyone else tired of their non-stop spam

    I had XM before the merger with Sirius. Kept for a little while after the merger, but their libraries are pitifully small per channel. It gets too damn repetitive. For local driving, I primarily listen to one local FM station with the most diverse music library I've encountered. I love that...
  9. Locking Gas Plug/Cap???

    I'd prefer some sort of locking fuel door to a locking cap. Wife's subie has one with the lever on the driver's side floor. It's less of a fuel siphoning concern and more of a desire to avoid spiteful bastards. You never know when you'll run into one of those.
  10. Would I be okay towing this RV?

    Yeah, I mean, even if I'm still only towing my 1400lb teardrop and getting 20+mpg doing it, I'd still dig a bigger gas tank so I don't have to stop as often. About a decade ago, I was doing frequent ~14hr road trips, so I got to experiment a lot. If I drove 5mph faster (on average), my fuel...
  11. Would I be okay towing this RV?

    This would definitely catch my interest if it was available. Regardless of the mpg I'm getting, I like more range. I towed my teardrop something like 3600mi RT with a Subaru XV Crosstrek (was within towing capacity, but not by a lot) and the frequent stops for fuel were maddening. That car took...
  12. DIY: Adding the 12V Power Outlet Option in the Bed

    Oh, cool, it's a pre-made thing. It looked total DIY. Yeah, this sort of thing is a little bit more advanced on the electronic side than I'm comfortable with. I'd definitely prefer if the whole thing could fit right behind the back seat of the SuperCrew. I may just keep my eyes peeled for a jump...
  13. DIY: Adding the 12V Power Outlet Option in the Bed

    That thing is really cool. I've never seen anything quite like that before. Do you have a post somewhere describing the build? Does it have a battery inside? If not, I might consider trying to do something similar in a thinner case that I could slide behind the backseat for storage.
  14. DIY: Adding the 12V Power Outlet Option in the Bed

    That's a nice idea, but personally, I wouldn't bother installing anything less than 3.0A USB ports these days. I had 2.1A ports in my camper that I had to replace, because my LG phone wouldn't charge right on them (it'd flicker all night, and make the little chirp it does when it wakes up)...
  15. Who's interested in a foursome?

    Yeah, my purchase of a Super Crew was pretty much determined by what was on the lot and had the pricing I liked. My household is just my wife and I and our pets. Currently 1 small dog, but we've had bigger dogs in the past. Frankly either cab and either bed would work, so I wasn't hung up about...
  16. Carrying a bicycle

    Yeah, it's just an adapter. Kuat licensed the design from these guys a couple years ago: There's an overland-grade one available, too.
  17. Best looking mid-size truck currently on the market (Vote your 2 favorite)

    I like older Tacos, but I agree that the current one is fugly.
  18. Carrying a bicycle
  19. What are you guys towing?

    First tow of the Hiker Trailer this past week just shy of 400mi to SC. 0615201313 by Nate, on Flickr Ranger handled it awesome. Spent most of my time in the 60-65mph range with a couple pretty steep grades thrown in. Averaged around 20mpg for the trip, which included some ugly stop and go...