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  1. Post your off-road pics.

    WV forest roads
  2. Post your off-road pics.

    That kind of loose rock is always tricky. Unless you have beadlocks, are aired down to 10 psi with Trepadors, you’ll always spin wheels and rock. Truck looks good.
  3. Issues with 5-Star tune

    Where can I read Phil’s input?
  4. RangerVA


  5. Front floor mats

    I have the contoured front and rear and love them.
  6. What do think, can the rear bumper be bent back?

    I would save your money fixing what will eventually bend again and invest that toward an aftermarket rear bumper that can give you more protection.
  7. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Installed a Rhino Rack (technically on Friday)
  8. Racks on Truck Caps

    Finally got the Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform installed. I’m happy with the rack itself, I was just hoping the rails would sit a little lower. I plan to carry the Darche Dirty Dee 1100 Swag with a complete set of Maxtrax for beach camping on the rack. Occasionally I’ll throw an SUP up there but...
  9. Trey’s “Black Mirror” ranger

    Which MBRP do you currently have?
  10. Virginia 305/55/R20 XD820 / Mickey Thompson ATZ

    Updated Price $1760
  11. VIDEO: Cranberry Wilderness, West Virginia

    I’ve seen photos of people fishing out by that part of the Cranberry River that you posted. Looks like a great place to lose yourself for a couple of hours. Thanks for checking out the video and sharing your photos.
  12. A.R.E CX Revo - 2 month review

    What Did I Consider Before Purchasing the CX Revo? I didn't know too much about truck caps when I started researching but I knew that ARB made one for the Ranger (I follow a lot of Aussies on Instagram). I really liked all the features of the ARB Ascent so I contacted some retailers in the...
  13. Aftermarket Tail lights?

    This is what I’m after...
  14. Aftermarket Tail lights?

    Subscribed. I'm interested in this, too. I have the same complaint. Too much red. Some of the tailights on the Rangers from autobotautoworksoffroad on IG look pretty good, especially the fully smoked out rear tail lights with a modicum of red at the bottom. Would love to get my hands on a...
  15. Post your off-road pics.

    Gotta love a good sunrise
  16. Black Rhino Primm on BFG KM3

    Couldn’t wait. I had to. Less than 24 hours mounted and she’s already got dirt on her treads. @Discount Tire
  17. Racks on Truck Caps

    Nice work! I don’t trust myself enough with drilling holes in a truck. Looks good!
  18. Racks on Truck Caps

    Here’s a little teaser