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  1. Poe network switch

    I bought a house last year that has Reolink cameras tied to a TPlink POE switch and I like the setup a lot. The reolink software seems solid but I prefer using iSpy software, which has a lot of cool features and is free.
  2. I might have to sell the Ranger

    The new Bronco look very interesting. I wonder if I can convince my wife that she needs one...
  3. Free Oil Change for Essential Workers - check your Ford Pass Rewards App

    Makes sense to me and I appreciate the reply. I've definitely heard a few stories about 10 minute oil change SNAFUs. Have a great evening!
  4. Free Oil Change for Essential Workers - check your Ford Pass Rewards App

    Meanwhile kids at Jiffy Lube can knock an oil change out in 10-15 minutes. I've always wondered why oil changes, with an appointment time, take so long at a dealership. Is there a reason I'm missing?
  5. Approx how long do original pads last?

    When they start squealing.
  6. Free Oil Change for Essential Workers - check your Ford Pass Rewards App

    Also have to sit in their waiting room for about 4 hours while they do it. :crackup:
  7. So I Got Tired Of My Phone Cable Being In The Way...

    I considered something similar but I was concerned about creating a possible projectile in the event of a crash. For that reason I decided not to mount or store anything on the top of my dash.
  8. Crazy times

    The world needs more Glorias...
  9. Trailfinder All-Terrain or Ironman All-Country AT

    If you plan to occasionally travel on dirt roads you'll be fine with non-AT tires, the stock tires even.
  10. Beating other trucks from the line

    My tuned 2013 SHO was a blast when it came to this. That car left a lot of drivers with confused looks on their faces as they got their doors absolutely blown of by a 'Taurus'. The best one was an older guy and his trophy wife out for a drive in his Corvette, after I wasted him at three lights...
  11. New Ranger is turning heads - literally

    I've had my truck over a year now. I notice it gets a lot of looks on the road and plenty of people comment as well.
  12. Cold Air Intake Comparisons?

    Based on some dyno investigation guys did with the SHO, the best approach was an aftermarket drop-in filter with the stock air box. This held true even for those pushing the 3.5L Ecoboost pass the 600 HP mark. Aftermarket kits actually resulted in no, or even negative, performance gains. I'm...
  13. Best sounding exhaust options?

    I'm just sticking with the stock exhaust here. A loud 4-banger isn't a good thing in my book, haha.
  14. Phone Mount

    I toss mine in that storage space area near the USB ports. I don't mess with phones while driving and everything I need is accessible through SYC.
  15. Rough County Install... popped out CV half shaft?

    Mine did the same and it went back in, no issues after 15k+ miles.
  16. Blackstone Used Oil Analysis

    I've changed mine every 10k miles since I drove it off the lot and plan to do the same as long as I have it. I'm in no rush to change other fluids since I don't do a lot of towing, but I'll probably do at least the differentials before 150k miles. To each their own though, if you're paying for...
  17. aftermarket tunes and MPG improvements?

    I haven't driven much since tuning my truck but I seem to be noticing a bump in MPGs.
  18. Forum member with highest G5 miles.

    1 year and 20k miles here. No issues.
  19. [Updated] Ranger Ford Performance Power Pack Performance Tune Software (M-9603-REB) Released!

    I'm not concerned with warranty issues and if I need to take the truck in I'll do the same thing I did with the SHO... "the tuner is in the glove box if you need to put it back to stock." :crackup: I put 20k on the truck before tuning, just to feel everything out first, and it is a risk I'm...