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  1. Pedal Commander installed....Whoa!

    I ended up trying the idrive instead of the pedal commander this time. It does the same thing and it is definitely worth the buy. No it doesn't give you more horsepower but it makes the engine feel more alive for sure. It just gets rid of that lag between your foot and the engine. I mean who...
  2. Lund oe fender flares

    Yes, my passenger side did not fit properly. I had to make some modifications to make it fit. Shouldn't have had to but I would rather do that than deal with the manufacturer or returning. I thought it was just me....
  3. SOLVED: Driver Side Frame 1/2 Lower, Shim Added to Rear Leaf Spring

    So you just removed the shim and installed the lift block on the driver side and did nothing to the passenger side, correct?
  4. Prinsu Roof Rack

    Good to know. Keep us updated, thanks. They finally shipped mine. I'm not even going to take it out of the box yet.
  5. Prinsu Roof Rack

    You install it yet? Did you get some instructions on how to mount it?
  6. Lund oe fender flares

    This is with the +20 offset, not too bad looking: Here's a couple more after getting the -12 offset installed:
  7. Lund oe fender flares

    18x9 -12 offset Fuel Rebel 285/65R18 I upgraded from +20 offset of the same exact wheels. I can post a pick of them installed with those wheels as well but it won't be until later tonight.
  8. Lund oe fender flares

    Order them, they're the same as the Bushwackers.
  9. Prinsu Roof Rack

    What the....
  10. Prinsu Roof Rack

    Pffft...mine hasn't even shipped yet! What the heck?
  11. Front Differential LSD

    I too would like to go with a LSD option. Hopefully there are options some time in the near future.
  12. Prinsu Roof Rack has a 10% off flash sale right now with their free shipping. I pulled the trigger.
  13. Prinsu Roof Rack

    I'd love to get one but I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger. Don't feel like paying over $100 in sales tax and shipping, Money is tight these days lol.
  14. Lund oe fender flares

    So nobody has done the Lund ones? They look similar to the Bushwacker OE ones but hard to tell from the pics. I ordered some anyways, I guess I'll see when I get them. I think Lund aquired Bushwacker so maybe they're the same exact thing.
  15. Go Rhino Dominator D6 vs. DSS Pictures

    Looks perfect. I'd trade my D6's for those.
  16. Go Rhino Dominator D6 vs. DSS Pictures

    Your Ranger has really come along, looks great! Have you done the mod to the DSS's to bring them out a bit? If so, have any close ups of it?
  17. Go Rhino Dominator D6 vs. DSS Pictures

    Not at all. I just had to angle it just right and it slid in.
  18. Go Rhino Dominator D6 vs. DSS Pictures

    Oh man I hate buyers remorse. I'm surprised because I've seen a few of these on stock Rangers and they look great.
  19. Go Rhino Dominator D6 vs. DSS Pictures

    I installed mine myself as well. Just set them on my little wheeled shop stool and adjusted it to the proper height. Very simple. Have any pics of your DSS's?