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  1. Can we run E85 in our Rangers

    I wish our Rangers were Flex Fuel capable from the factory. E85 is an absolutely amazing fuel for performance on a turbocharged vehicle. It is much higher octane than regular gas and also burns cooler, which will further prevent detonation and increase power. My S2000 is turbo'd and running...
  2. 13.267 @ 104 mph new personal best

    If you could get that 60' time down another tenth, you'd be damn close to running in the 12s. Is your Ranger 2wd or 4wd? I'd think locking it in 4wd would work great since it would just hook up and shoot out of the hole.
  3. Windshield replacement

    Yup, just went through this a couple weeks ago. So far there are no aftermarket windshields out there, so you should end up with an OEM Ford windshield. Be prepared for the price though. On my 2019 Lariat, the total bill was $1100 o_O! I didn't have to pay a dime though!
  4. What happened to new posts link?

    So is "what's new" the same as what used to be "new posts?" You should tell us these things when making changes. Also, the emails for subscribed threads that just show the thread title with no content are completely pointless. Might as well just turn that feature off now.
  5. Remote start AC settings

    Isn't there a setting to have the climate control revert back to the last used setting when remote starting? If so, you'll have to set the temp/fan/etc to whatever you want it before exiting the Ranger for the next time you want to remote start. Check the owner's manual? Maybe let it run...
  6. Wheels

    Actually my tires do rub at full lock, but its just on the mud flaps. If I took the mud flaps off there would be no rubbing, or at most just a tiny tiny bit.
  7. Wheels

    My wheels are 16x8 0mm offset with 305/70/16 tires and yes they poke out.
  8. supercab seat delete: need advice on sound proofing

    Dynamat Extreme is some very high quality sound deadening material that you can add on. It is commonly used for car stereo applications that rattle a car like crazy, but is also used for road noise and vibration damping. You can find it on Amazon or at a local car audio shop.
  9. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Crossed the 10,000 mile mark today.
  10. Wiring Issues, for what is is worth

    I used a switched ignition wire in the driver's kick panel to trigger a 40 amp relay, which draws power directly from the battery, in order to power all my accessories. I connected it all to a fuse block that is hidden up under the driver's side dash. I have 10 slots for fuses to power...
  11. Rear lift, blocks or shackles?

    I also still have the minor driveline vibration even with the BDS 1" rear shackles installed.
  12. Have to glue my truck back together

    My bad, VW is the exception to German cars being nicely put together.
  13. Driveshaft Phasing

    Was your Ranger tuned at all?
  14. Have to glue my truck back together

    While I agree with plastic clips being fragile and all that, not all manufacturers are equal in this department. I have been working in the 12 volt industry for over 20 years, and could write a book about how good and bad certain manufacturers are at designing interior parts. Ford has never...
  15. Blacking out chrome door handles?

    Keep in mind that Plasti Dip or other spray on rubber/vinyl products aren't really designed to use on surfaces that are constantly being touched/handled. If you do decide to Plasti Dip your door handles, you'll want to remove them so you can spray all angles properly in order to get complete...
  16. Driveshaft Phasing

    When my Ranger was stock it had the vibration off the line. Pulling my trailer with a car on it exaggerated the vibration quite a bit. Now that it is lifted, it still has the vibration, but I've learned to ignore it for the most part.
  17. Have to glue my truck back together

    Keep in mind too, that if you go buy a new replacement part from Ford, the next time you need to remove the panel for any reason, it will most likely break again.
  18. Have to glue my truck back together

    I had the same exact thing happen on mine. Lost a clip and some plastic on both the front and rear driver's side door sills. It's Fords cheap crap plastic that they use. You can see how thin and weak the plastic is that holds the clip to the trim piece. This situation was one of the things I...
  19. Driveshaft Phasing

    Is the fix going to be something simple like shimming the rear axle in order to make the driveshaft angle match the angle of the driveshaft/transmission? Or is it going to be something completely different?
  20. Tacoma recall for rust prevention.

    My 2017 Tacoma had rust on the frame in a year of ownership. I even got a notice in the mail about the frame replacement after I traded that pile off for the Ranger. So glad I did it too.