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  1. Pet Peeves

    And they are the same ones , if they found a parking lot with every other parking space a corral, would STILL leave their carts in the space they just left.
  2. Consumer Reports Likes the Ranger

    "punishing ride, clumsy handling, and a few ill-designed controls. Well, I am going against the grain of the previous comments here but I (surprisingly) have to agree with the CR comments for at least 2 of the 3 complaints. The rough 'bouncy' ride on the highway CAN be 'punishingly' annoying...
  3. Question about adding the Ranger letters to tailgate

    I went with a little more patriotic theme.
  4. supercab seat delete: need advice on sound proofing

    The only wires I can think of that would be somewhere in the area would be the feed to the third brake light and the feed to the rear window defroster.
  5. Issues with Easy-Fuel filler in California

    I have lived in SoCal all my life and have to agree that California has a LOT to stupid laws and regulations put in place by the ignorant socialistic voters masquerading around a Democrats. And I know what you are talking about regarding those bulky and clunky gas nozzles. My Ranger is the...
  6. Driving with tailgate down

    THANK YOU!!! I wondered about that. The constant warning and the 'View' of the ground and hitch receptacle is really annoying. Now, I only hope to remember your advice when I next have to drive with the tailgate down. Lol. It's hell getting old.
  7. California [For Sale] Lariat Grille

    Curious. What did you install in it's place?
  8. Did I make a mistake?

    I was glancing at the 2019 Ranger sales brochure that I picked up when I ordered my truck and just happened to notice and thought it strange: The XL's came with 16' rims, the XLT's came with 17" rims and the Lariat's came with 18" rims as standard. I wonder why they did that?
  9. Two Totally Useless Features As They Came From the Factory

    The only reason I have the sliding rear window is because it came with it. Either because is was standard on the Lariat, or was included with one of the packages I wanted for other features (I can't remember which). If I would have had the option ] to remove from the build, I would have done...
  10. Two Totally Useless Features As They Came From the Factory

    I agree. The front seat cup holders are a little too far towards the rear for convenient use. I have the seat all the way back and can't imagine how difficult it is for someone with the seat forward to reach a cup in the rear most holder position
  11. What car/truck are you replacing with the new Ranger?

    Technically, my 2019 Lariat replaced a 2013 Impala and that is only because I took over driving the Impala when I bought my bride a new Sonata in 2018. So actuality, the Ranger is to replace the 2002 Sport Trac I had for over 15 years. When I took over the Impala, I couldn't see keeping a third...
  12. Two Totally Useless Features As They Came From the Factory

    I park in the single car space while my bride used the double car space (3-car garage). When I pass thru the door frame on the single car side with the mirrors extend, the gap to the frame on each side is about 2-3" if I am centered correctly.
  13. Two Totally Useless Features As They Came From the Factory

    As an owner who had a Sport Trac for over 15 years, I totally agree that the Ford totally missed the boat with not installing a full size (or near to) power slide DOWN rear window. That tiny little manual slide window is totally useless. Except for opening it ONE time to see that it actually...
  14. Interior Rattle Identified

    I can relate to the passenger seat belt rattle. I seemed like whenever a passenger exited the truck and the seat belt was allowed to just fall back out of the way, it would not positioned correctly and I would then hear it rattle. Then I would have to reach over and give it a slap to let it spin...
  15. Who wants to see me flash??

    How about a pic from further back? I would like to see what the whole thing looks like.
  16. Tailgate step

    Wow! $290 for just that? I think not.
  17. Tailgate step

    Where are those available from? Do you have a link?
  18. Antenna

    One of my first mods was to replace the antenna with a stubby. I didn't get the 'shortest' one available, but shorter than the OEM. No problem with performance that I could detect.
  19. Ford Ranger Thunder Edition Introduced For Europe

    I like both the grill and the roof rails. Mainly because they are reminiscent of the Sport Trac which I had. I don't like the treatment of that 'thing' at the rear of the cab. Mainly because it is too reminiscent of the Avalanche which I never liked.
  20. How much have you driven your Ranger the past few weeks?

    I don't drive it a whole lot. Usually only if I need a 'truck' for some reason. I have had it about 14 months and only have about 5500 miles. The bride and I usually take her Sonata if we go anywhere together as she complains about the ride and difficulty climbing into the truck. Looks like I...