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  1. Odd spare tire

    Both my RWD and FX4 have spare tires that match the make and model of the road wheel/tire combos, but in different sizes. The RWD has a 16" steel for the spare, the FX4 17". Easy answer was to get matching 18" rims and true matching tires.
  2. Just updated to Sync 3.4 on my Ranger 2019

    Huge kudos to Cyan Labs!! I love 3.4, but may have to find a way to back it out. My APIM/Nav faults on a timing issue. APIM is an older unit in my non-nav 2019. If I don't give the APIM enough time between unlocking the doors and starting the engine, I get a Navigation fault. Clear the...
  3. Past Rangers Owned Thread

    If only Ford had been as interested in selling Rangers with something besides squirrels under the hood as they were in having "Unobtainium Rangers" hitting the track while wearing Ford's colors!!!!
  4. Past Rangers Owned Thread

    '02 XLT with a V8 conversion. With 275k miles total, 120 on the V8 it was getting tired. Add in 18 years of sun and with the OEM bi-fold tonneau wearing out, was simply not worth rebuilding the suspension, engine, paint and adding a DiamondBack. Miss my old but it was time. The buyer gave me...
  5. Would you level a 2 wheel drive?

    Springs sit close to and directly under the frame, drop brackets or shackles taint gonna happen.
  6. Would you level a 2 wheel drive?

    Maybe not so odd! The back ends are crazy high. Problem is, the rear axle is under a very stiff, low arched spring. Any blocks will only lift the back up more. A simple axle flip makes for about a 6" drop and you about run out of room between the axle and frame. Flipping the axle over...
  7. Would you level a 2 wheel drive?

    For me it works well. Its a working truck and I carry a ton of stuff in the bed. The lowering makes getting stuff in and out from under the bi-fold tonneau cover a lot easier. Cabin access is improved and getting ladders and other long things on and off the roof rack is easier too. My wife's...
  8. Street Racing in 4WD

    Been tempted to swap out the transfer case with an AWD case under the wife's FX4. Find a limited slip solution for the front diff and have a full time AWD Ranger. Not as elegant as the on-demand AWD systems commonly in use, but better than the one wheel wonder even the e-locker offers 99% of...
  9. Would you level a 2 wheel drive?

    Why yes! I think they look great leveled out!! And yea, a real shame you can't lower the front an inch or two and the back 3 or 4 inches!!
  10. Power locks for my DiamondBack

    Added power locks to my DiamondBack. Started with OEM Ford lever type lock actuators. Cut the rebound buffer out of the actuator so the lever would stay where it stopped rather than bounce back to its mid-point. Built a bracket for the actuator, added a couple op-rods and a turn crank to move...
  11. Fixing bumper color?

    Rustolium's graphite Flexidip is a great match for the magnetic trim, and while never a hard gloss, a glosser top coating will add a sheen and help make cleaning easier.
  12. Some help removing the armrest (lid to storage compartment) on Ford Ranger 2018 Wildtrack

    If it's like the North American market Rangers, the back of the console pops off. The retainers for the hinge are readily accessible once thar back cover is off.
  13. What part did I lose?

    I think the socket protector is plugged into the socket. Remove the protector and you should be able to plug in the tailgate harness
  14. Front floor mats

    Weatherbeater -- Semi-ridged X-Act -- Softer, more flexible. Was always disappointed in the fit of the Weatherbeaters in my 02 Ranger. Have the Ford liners in my rwd, honestly think the X-Act's in my wife's FX4 are nicer than the Ford ones.
  15. Any alignment issues with coilovers?

    One concern a fair number of us have is the rear driveshaft itself. The u-joints appear to be 15° out of phase and the balance weights are scattered all over the shafts. Design wackiness? Manufacturing flaw? QA issues with lowest bid supplier? Don't know, but I'm going to pull mine and get...
  16. Is changing to the locking diff from xlt sport plug and play?

    Under the truck, my RWD has the plug and wires for the E-Locker. The diff case has the casting for the plug/pass through. Poking around ForScan, it appears that the ABS module has E-Locker control duties so I think there's a good chance that swapping in an E-Locker would be very doable.
  17. Is changing to the locking diff from xlt sport plug and play?

    Have to admit, getting a Ford 8.8 TracLok carrier and housing machined to accept the 80mm axle tubes is a path I'm considering. Just gotta take a bit of a weekend to crack open the rear diff and measure and count the splines. Will answer the question on Jeep vs Ford shafts and if the Dana or...
  18. Anybody planning to lower their 2019 Ranger?

    Yes, flipped the axle over re-arched springs to keep the drop rational, was not looking to slam the truck, just to make cabin, bed and roof access easier. The re-arching is not the greatest solution and being a progressive single leaf, tough to get exactly the desired result. Ended up about an...
  19. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Finished my "Leveling Kit" install!!