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  1. Bye bye

    Ian, things do change in our life that will send us in another direction. But do hang around. You have experience, and knowlege concerning the Ranger that can help the newbies. Plus, we hate to see you go.
  2. My Ranger’s Frontal Offset Collision

    Adam, I'm happy to hear your wife is OK. That's the main thing. I hope the repairs turn out fine.
  3. Ford adds Offroad SUV Explorer to the Mix

    @P. A. Schilke Phil, I don't know how I missed this post way back then. But, you have sparked a thought in my mind. It seems that I may never get my Bronco, and this Explorer may fit with the way I use a 4 wd better than I once thought. I will have to have a second look at this Explorer.
  4. Hot button issue: DO I LET BOO DRIVE PUDDIN'?!

    Dommy, it's kind of cute that you think you have a choice. Throw her the keys, and live a happy life. :)
  5. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    And, as an added plus you don't have to carry anyone with you but your GF. That's something to be said right there. :)
  6. hard tonneau cover: school me

    The only experience I have is a hard cover on a previous F-150. It was nice, insulated, and color matched. But, you couldn't load anything tall because the thing was too low at the rear. Just somethng to think about.
  7. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    Kent, with my 4 door JL and the rear seats down it a cavern back there. I can load the wife's 3 wheel bike (it folds up thankfully) in the rear, and a months worth of stuff for a stay in Myrtle Beach without a problem. I have had her bike, my 2 wheeler, and all the stuff a woman can carry back...
  8. Shoutout to you!

    Andrew, I look at our membership market here, and on the Jeep forum often. My luck is that when I find something I like it's all the way across country. Then either the seller doesn't ship (which I don't blame them), or shipping cost is more than than the item I'm looking at. :) I keep looking...
  9. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    Nice, that's quite a bit of room with the seat out. BTW, a night light in the rear console plug doesn't stop the ASS in the Jeep like it does in the Ranger. I done checked........:) Oh wait, just athought though. It may work with the 2.0L. Let me know if you try that.
  10. Rotten Eggs

    I do remember the older cats smelling like rotten egss when you ran the vehicle hard. Maybe it was just the cat getting hot.
  11. Dealer just told me Friday is the last day to order a 2022?

    Here's the answer from one who would know. Perhaps the OP's dealer was just confused.
  12. Dealer just told me Friday is the last day to order a 2022?

    I think this chip shortage has sucked the life out of the entire auto industry in the United States. I just wonder when the chip manufacturers will be able to catch up.
  13. And Another One Bites The Dust

    Well shit, is nothing sacred anymore?
  14. Ford freezing orders on Maverick

    It seems, at the least, Ford has learned something from the fiasco they call Bronco.
  15. Newbie.....2020 RTR Ranger

    Great looking truck Jose. Congratulations, and welcome to the family.
  16. Buy a Ranger now while having Ranger on order (Crazy?)

    Welcome to the forum Debbie, and congratulations on your order. I'll just echo what has already been said, you'll lose money if you buy now to trade in a few months. Delaers have ways of helping you lose that money. If you decide to get the Crew Cab I'd suggest canceling the Super Cab order...
  17. Engine cover question.

    Why am I not surprised. :)
  18. Side vent

    Neil, like the other folks I think I'd leave the letters black also.
  19. Engine cover question.

    Ford found they could save a few dollars by deleting the covers on all models. However, they can be bought from your local Ford dealer if you want one. Some online dealers sell them cheaper, but then you have to pay shipping that takes those savings away.
  20. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    I like it brother. Enjoy :thumbsup: Now, get you some 303 on those black plastic parts so they will stay nice and black in that hot AZ sun. :)