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  1. Bye bye

    Oh man, that leaves one less Scab owner in the forum. Ian, don’t leave a brother hanging like this, we’re out-numbered as it is. In all seriousness, the best of luck to you - I hope you enjoy your new vehicle as much as you did your Ranger. Pop in once in a while and join the fun.
  2. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    I’ve been too busy working and goofing around that I haven’t gotten around to all the new Ranger owners. Welcome Andy - tuned and ready for fun - nice! Hey Randy, I see the mods have begun - welcome! Welcome - I home the camper crowd here can help you out. You’ve come to the right place...
  3. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    Here, you might need this….
  4. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    Not in a million years. Hey Dave, what the heck?
  5. 2021 ROUSH Oxford White ..

    I called it out for a different reason. You might have to consult @Joeiconic or maybe some others might chime on this. 🤔 Yep, it’s a bit of a riddle, but is has nothing to do with the movies and plenty to do with the TV series. To the Bat Cave! We may have to put on our thinking caps for this...
  6. 2021 ROUSH Oxford White ..

    Looking sharp Mack. Something tells me I need that cat back exhaust to go with my CAI. My guess is you were a big, big fan of the villain scenes in the Batman TV series.
  7. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    Wait until you see the looks on their faces when I change it to your white Jeep.
  8. My Ranger’s Frontal Offset Collision

    Wow Adam, I’m so glad your wife is okay - too bad about having to wait for a hood. What are those headlights made of, Newtonium?
  9. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    New members be all like Whaaaaaat?
  10. Engine cover question.

    Hey Mike, Reach out to Benny and he’ll likely DM you a code - great guy, great prices, great reputation on the forum.
  11. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    Oh man, that looks like a lot of fun buddy. I knew you couldn’t wait. So glad to see you got it in Black.
  12. Those Who Switched Their Tires

    I’m pretty sure that’s why they’re called Grabbers. I have them and no problems here.
  13. What's Your Other Ride?

    Completely practical. I wanted the Audi version of this VW Passat but my wife said she wouldn’t feel right driving it when a lot of people in our neighbourhood couldn’t even afford a car. Bless her heart for saving us $15,000. 😀
  14. ROUSH Guys … 🧐

    Exactly! If I spotted those valve caps while driving, I‘d probably reach down and try to remove them like that guy in The Road Warrior trying to retrieve his crossbow bolt. Just so hard to resist.
  15. ROUSH Guys … 🧐

    You should likely take a well-deserved nap. I’m so glad to see those Roush valve stem caps! I was really leaning toward the RTR Ranger package with its “Performance Lug Nuts” until I saw this post. Also, those cup holder inserts really seal the deal.
  16. ROUSH Guys … 🧐

    Happy to contribute Mack - the Roush Performance package is a fun topic to follow - it also elicits a ton of opinions and responses…..some are even favourable. 😉 Man, I sure hope Matt received that utility kit. 😀
  17. Newbie.....2020 RTR Ranger

    Hey Greg, It’s a lot like the Roush package except leather seats are optional. $9,800 gets you this: STANDARD W/ EVERY FORD RANGER RTR: RTR Upper Grille with LED Lights RTR Fender Flares RTR 17” Tech 6 Wheels (Satin Charcoal) w/ 265/70R17 Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires Fox 2.0 Performance...
  18. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    Super happy for you Dave - wheel the pants off that thing!
  19. Engine cover question.

    Or it freezes and cracks the plug, for which the TSB calls for an engine cover. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  20. Is there any disadvantage to a SuperCab?

    You are not alone Rob - on my old Rangers and on this one too - you think I’d learn by now. 😔