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  1. My Ranger’s Frontal Offset Collision

    Would anyone mind snapping a picture under your hood looking right down at the inter cooler ductwork right beside the battery? My other parameters are checking out but this bend just doesn’t look right to me.
  2. My Ranger’s Frontal Offset Collision

    Yea I mean every tab sheared off but 1 and the polycarbonate was shattered but still amazed the innards still function!
  3. My Ranger’s Frontal Offset Collision

    Absolutely will be going back with the AlphaRex lights except I’m gonna try the Luxx this time. Look at that left side like it was completely pulverized and yet still totally functional. Impress with those as well. Yes I will likely just put an aftermarket hood on there as long as I can find one...
  4. My Ranger’s Frontal Offset Collision

    Strongly considering an aftermarket winch bumper. However I’m very impressed with how the stock steel bumper absorbed so much energy. If I had had a bad-ass plate bumper on here a lot more energy would have transferred to the trucks frame (thus causing more frame damage)and to my wife herself...
  5. My Ranger’s Frontal Offset Collision

    Yes thank you she walked away perfectly fine. Closest used hood is 400 miles from me and even it has hail damage. In fact every used hood within 1000 miles has damage of some sort.
  6. My Ranger’s Frontal Offset Collision

    Ford Taurus turned left in front of my wife at a red light and the Ranger struck the quarter panel and spun the Taurus around 1.5 times and it ended up over 50 feet away from initial impact. Taurus airbags blew. It was totaled. Yes the front frame rails are turned toward the right side but...
  7. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    It certainly is an attractive piece of machinery and I hope it serves you well!
  8. Think it's totalled?

    Wow. That dude is a GD national treasure.
  9. Think it's totalled?

    Ok I gotcha, I thought they might be deputizing milkmen these days or some such up there in ColorAdo.
  10. Think it's totalled?

    Jesus man Stevie Wonder could've pointed that out to you, how'd you miss it? And how are you going to get additional charges attached to this guy on the back end? You're not law enforcement.
  11. modifying steering knuckle, suspension, and crossmember

    My friend, much respect to you desiring to learn. A forum such as this really is not the place for you to learn about mechanics or automobiles. Entirely TOO MANY folks here who think they know, wish they knew, or desperately want others to think they know automobiles. You seem young and may I...
  12. 🦖 2022 Bronco Raptor Officially Revealed!

    Grumblings about existing/past Bronco orders? You would never hear such as that on here 😒
  13. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    I love the turn this thread has taken. I really really do.
  14. Scoop: New Ranger Raptor Turbo V6 Set For the US at Last

    I've got 33s, level, and some tow hooks on the front I made. I'm gonna stop for some milk on the way home, do you mind? 🤣 Yes we both agree. Way I see it, if a noob buys a capable rig them just maybe they will get out and learn to use it. Just maybe.
  15. Very Disappointed in Ford Service

    The real question here: Do you consider yourself a hero? Asking for a friend..
  16. Might Have To Jump Ship From Bronco To Jeep

    Hey Dave look at this awesome jeep safety feature I just noticed. When the wheel comes off while going down the road and flies through somebody’s living room window, there’s a little picture on the wheel so you know which vehicle its supposed to go too ha ha!!
  17. A/C Blower Motor with Missing Screw

    Its just a missing screw. Its not a corporate conspiracy. Someone just failed to put it in. I don't know why we hold automobiles to a higher standard than other machinery in our lives. If you have a machine at work that is missing something or breaks we call the company or the repair guy or...
  18. Is Society dumbing down a Hero

    AAAAnd when did this start? 🤣
  19. Scoop: New Ranger Raptor Turbo V6 Set For the US at Last

    Did not at ALL intend to take anything out of context, please explain. I get it, it pisses you off that this machinery is not being used to its potential, it does me too. Thing is, Ford and Stalin..Fiat..Ram what-da-hell-ever they are called sells EVERY one they can build and for above MSRP...