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  1. Wheel Swap

    Ask your dealership if they have any take-offs or if they can check other dealerships. A few years ago I bought a set of Mustang take-offs complete with tires from a dealership for $600, brand new.
  2. Dealer wants to buy mine back for more than I paid?

    Yep, don't trust KBB for a real value at trade. Dealers use the NADA Blackbook, the vehicle is only worth what a bank will loan on it or wholesale value. I don't care what anyone tells you, the real deal is if the vehicle can be sold, at a profit. Supply and demand. If you have a great offer you...
  3. Dealer wants to buy mine back for more than I paid?

    I have two offers on the table now for my 2019 Lariat, one is $46K, only has 8K miles on it as I bought it as a new leftover in October of 2020. I stand to make about $5K over all I have invested to upgrade it to a perfect ride. Only concern we have right now is it’s a 7 month wait at minimum...
  4. Bye Felicia! (FX4 shocks)

    I too swapped out the rear leafs with Euro springs off a Ranger Wildtrak (ROTW Ranger) and I am running Eibach Pro Truck rears and the Eibach 2.0 adjustable coil overs set at 3”. No wallowing, truck responds and absolutely perfectly absorbs speed bumps, rutted roads and German cobblestone roads...
  5. Rough Country Rear Differential Skid Plate Works!

    A good aluminum or stainless steel spacer is the best. I think I used 1/2 thick ones from Tractor Supply
  6. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Sat on the tailgate in the driveway and killed a beer.
  7. Lost my GPS antenna in the car wash!

    A good bead of automotive clear silicone around the base before setting it in place. Make sure you let it set up or skin for a bit, probably 20 minutes or so. This way when it pulls down it will compress it and seal tightly.
  8. Lost my GPS antenna in the car wash!

    It’s not demand…. Car washes are notoriously famous as money laundering facilities for Cartel and such.
  9. Off-Road Suspension Heads - Get In Here Please!

    You can also change to the Tremor or any of the various multi leafs and use Raptor bump stops with the locator tabs ground off.
  10. Rough Country Rear Differential Skid Plate Works!

    Something must not be right...Mine fit snug right up against the pumpkin cover. I'd double check what that mechanic is saying
  11. Rear Shocks for STX 4x4 with Tow/Haul package

    Eibach pro truck shocks were one of the best investments that we made. Night and Day difference.
  12. New wheels for 21 Ranger Lariat?

    Get a quote from Greyhound….might just surprise you
  13. Controlling Apple Music (CarPlay) on Steering Wheel Controls

    It’s the buttons that have the phone emblem on them; up and down…..took me 6 months to figure it out
  14. Picture request: white Coopers. And then what with the old ones?

    You can always scuff them with 120 grit and a palm sander if you flip them inside… you’ll never see the white. Personally I like the raised white letters on my BFG’s with my Platinum White paint
  15. Carrying Extra Gas

    I have the Eibach pro truck shocks on the rear and just received the pro truck 2.0 coil overs for the front along with a set of ROTW Ranger leaf springs off a Ranger Wildtrak here in Germany. The rears are awesome, took all the wallowing out of my 4X4 Lariat.
  16. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    They’re adjustable…. And CSP Racing has them for a great price….I paid $825 shipped to me in Germany….
  17. Carrying Extra Gas

    Understand…. A good weight distribution hitch set up is the correct thing to improve the ride and safety of towing a trailer that size. Please share your experiences after you get it, I have been trying to plan all my suspension upgrades with the intent of towing a 15-19 footer in the very near...