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  1. Winter Sminter

    It amazes me that so many people where I’m from have never experienced what dedicated winter tires can do (not saying that’s you). They’ll make comments about such and such vehicle is great in snow, this one isn’t etc. all while neglecting to mention the tires. It boggles my mind. How can you be...
  2. Winter Sminter

    I’m moving back to the snow belt and my next truck will be 2wd. Traction/winter tires are more important than 8 wheel drive on shit tires. I want an FX2 (I do want the locker for around my property).
  3. Did I overreact?

    I probably wouldn’t have smacked the window, but I can’t blame you. Ive seen and had a couple of really embarrassing “other car” moments. Once in my early 20’s my mother took me to the local DMV to get license issue sorted out. After coming out and approaching a red Malibu, I saw the driver...
  4. Breaking news ... I killed a chicken with my 2019 Ford Ranger

    That’s why I originally got into a Taurus…..I totaled a Ford Focus by hitting a huge buck in NY. Damn car only had a click over 30,000 miles. I’ve never hit a bird, they seem to have better and quicker instincts than deer. The deer where I come from seem to be mentally challenged.
  5. Ford quality discussion (not specifically Ranger)

    I’ve said this before here, I think, and I am a Ford man, but the 2019 I bought brand new, is probably the least quality vehicle I’ve bought from Ford so far. I’ve bought a brand new Focus and Taurus and both were better in the fit and finish department believe it or not. My STX is plagued with...

    I sure as hell hope not. I’m in the process of giving up my 2019 F-150 for a 2012 Ford Focus with a manual just so I can save and get ready for the redesign.
  7. Anybody Seen Dave?

    Damn the other thread was locked before I could wish my fellow North Eastern Yankee turned south west refugee well wishes. Get better soon buddy!
  8. Very angry at entitled careless idiots

    So it isn’t just a me phenomena. Why do they do this?! I like that strategy!
  9. Very angry at entitled careless idiots

    People don’t like to walk. I always park in the back. It’s easier to get in and out too. I don’t know what it is in my particular area, but I see these slobs parked waiting in the middle of the lanes just waiting for someone to pull out so they can get a closer spot. Usually some hefty fella or...
  10. New California gas tax went into affect today

    Yeah the writing is on the wall for Idaho. It looks beautiful but it’s going to be overtaken for sure. There’s been so much buzz about that state for years. From listening to people who actually visited to scope out and from people online it’s already changing and fast. Oklahoma has great gun...
  11. New California gas tax went into affect today

    I tell people here all the time - if people keep flooding into Texas, I’ll be moving to Oklahoma 😂
  12. Bronco guys putting us to shame

    I’ve got more challenging off road adventures by my house on the dirt and seasonal roads 😂 I’m sure some areas of hill country has some pretty cool spots and south west Texas.
  13. Bronco guys putting us to shame

    Very cool vehicles, but I like fixed vehicles if you know what I mean. All the things that fit together like lego pieces that can be taken off and on - how long before it leaks like a sieve. I’m sure most would be fine, but with my luck 😂 I’m most excited for the next gen Ranger.
  14. New California gas tax went into affect today

    I’ve only been in Texas two years and I get triggered by Cali license plates 😂 I have to tell myself not to judge before I know, they might be one of the good ones escaping hell. Although I personally see many many posts on social media leading me to believe it’s not a meme - there’s so many...
  15. New California gas tax went into affect today

    hahaha, that’s fun you mention that because it’s the same thing here in Midland. Olive Garden for Italian good. And I also desperately miss independent pizza shops. Love Texmex and Mexican food though! So I guess that makes up for it.
  16. New California gas tax went into affect today

    I like Texas, but I’m getting home sick. The north east will always be home and I’ll always be a Yankee. Half of my family comes from Maine dating back to the 1600’s. Does New Hampshire have cheap acreage if you aren’t afraid of driving an hour to work? My ex and I were in New Hampshire a...
  17. New California gas tax went into affect today

    do you see Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine? How can three north east states be so based? Good gun laws as well. Hmmmmmmmmm, I’ll keep it quiet but ahem “fuck off we’re full.” Hint hint.
  18. New California gas tax went into affect today

    WTF PA!!! What is wrong with “y’all”? I used to drive across the border to PA just to get cheaper gas 😂 it’s a sad day for you when NY has cheaper gas. And if I lived in California I would be crying now.
  19. Question for the gang

    Yeah I agree. Before I got my F150 ( F150 crew cab 4x4 stx otd for 37k), I really really wanted a body on frame SUV - and I didn’t care if it came from General Motors or Ford, but I couldn’t justify the huge price. My sister bought one a few years ago and I couldn’t believe the ride, and space...