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  1. 2021 ROUSH Oxford White ..

    Beautiful truck. But the off angle, artsy photos, STOP!
  2. New lighter MT Baja Boss at tires for midsized trucks

    With those wide outer lugs i bet they are noisier than most AT’s. Could hold rocks too.
  3. Help…Help… Leather Rip!!!

    Honestly, based on the pic you posted I personally wouldn’t worry about it unless it gets worse. it just looks like a surface scratch, right? If you own the truck long enough you’ll likely have worse than that, either inside or out.
  4. ROUSH Guys … 🧐

    Did Roush build out the truck at their facility, or did the Ford dealer just buy Roush parts and install them?
  5. Recommended tires for a 2019 Ranger for mixed use?

    I think the tire pressure calculator is only intended to tell you where you have to inflate the new tire to equal the load rating of the tire you are replacing. It tells me that Cooper AT3’s in 265/70 only need to be inflated to 26 psi to achieve an equivalent load rating to the 30 psi of the...
  6. Recommended tires for a 2019 Ranger for mixed use?

    Hounddog, did you chalk test your AT3’s? Just curious what psi you’re running. I am running mine at 33 psi, but that’s a seat of the pants guess. The installer put them at 35, but they felt a bit firm, so I dropped them to 33 and they feel good and seem to be wearing ok. I’m due for...
  7. Help…Help… Leather Rip!!!

    That’s pretty clearly a cut and not a defect, so not likely a warranty repair. It’s leather, so it shouldn’t spread like cloth would and may not get any worse.
  8. How loud are Wildpeaks compared with ATM?

    I have the AT3’s in 265/70 and really like them. They are a great wet weather tire. They may be a decibel or two louder than the ATM’s, but it’s honestly insignificant.
  9. Winter Sminter

    I don’t understand why people invest in a 4x4 truck and then seemingly try their best to avoid using 4wd.
  10. Amazing waterless wash product for under $10

    That almost defies common sense, but I guess the proof is in the pudding. If you can clean black without scratching it, you can clean anything.
  11. First … Ever … Mod …

    Price be damned, that’s one of the best looking Rangers I’ve seen! Just curious, does a Ford dealer install the Rousch tune?
  12. Went to colder spark plugs.........and....

    I’ve read that the properties of winter blend gas generally reduces mpg’s, but to what extent I don’t know. Lots of winter variables per the attached, but it would seem that a reduction in winter mpg’s is normal if you live in a cold climate.
  13. Did I cheap on out the XLT?

    This is my fifth Ford pickup, all XLT’s. It’s the sweet spot as far as I’m concerned.
  14. Carmax/Carvana prices for trade in

    Well, we knew inflated used car prices wouldn’t last forever. I assume the market now has enough supply that demand has stabilized.
  15. Repairs at another dealer.

    I bought my truck out of town and I’ve never been back there. I’ve only had two oil changes thus far, but my local dealer has been great. I would have bought there but at the time I needed to buy they had zero Ranger inventory. I seriously doubt any dealer cares where you bought the...
  16. Puncture resistance of various 4-ply tires

    The Dynapro is about the lightest AT tire you can buy. It rides great and will get you good MPG’s, but it’s light weight will limit its toughness.
  17. Cold weather, no warmup, no acceleration

    Any water in your gas would have frozen at that temp, which could have caused the hesitation in acceleration. So, yeah, let it warm up a minute.
  18. Now that the Honeymoon is over....

    As soon as the new Ranger hits the market, the Frontier will be 15 years old again. Their refresh only caught the Frontier up to the current trucks of the competition, which are all in the process of being updated.