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  1. Beautiful Pictures

    After some reflection, decided the grim reaper and great whites be damned. We booked a condo at PCB Aqua this June. :thumbsup: That is a great way to brighten up a cold and cloudy winter day.:rockon:
  2. Beautiful Pictures

    You can't un see that! ! I have been really itching for some beach time. Truth be told I was a little jealous when @Tracy Bowman posted that picture, :p especially since PCB is one of my favorite beaches. Now I am not so sure. At my age you do not want to be walking down the beach and run...
  3. Show Us Your Garage/Workshop !

    Looks good. I am interested in those sequencing LEDs. Source?
  4. Ranger Gets Ford Performance Parts Leveling Kits with Coil-overs & Fox Shocks

    It was 5 hours to install the Fox kit that I provided at a local Ford Truck dealer.
  5. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Wait, it has what? "Available in 49" with room for 1-2 people and 55" with room for 2-3 people, the gas strut assist sets it up in seconds. " That sounds like a DAMPER mounted upside down. :crackup: :crackup: To be more serious, that looks like a Great tent.:thumbsup:
  6. Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year everyone. I hope yours is healthy, safe and happy. Now, how did this become a damper thread? :crazy: :crazy: And then there is a bread named damper bread?? Damper Food Description Damper is a thick homemade soda bread traditionally prepared by early European Settlers in...
  7. What are you guys towing?

    That picture with all the color contrast really brings out the beauty of that Velocity Blue.:thumbsup: Great looking truck all loaded up for an adventure.
  8. What are you guys towing?

    Agreed. SuBARu? The polar opposite of the Caprice :LOL: :LOL:
  9. What are you guys towing?

    A real American Land Yacht. :like: That rear over hang looks outrageous compared to todays vehicles.:) At first glance it looks too big and heavy for the Ranger to haul, but at around 4000 pounds and what looks to be an aluminum trailer it is probably is OK. Very curious as to how the Ranger...
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas, and a happy and healthy new year to Phil, Margie Tito and every Ranger5G. member and your families. The best forum on the interweb.
  11. Dodge Is Cancelling The Hemi V8

    You just can not replace that sound with a Jetson mobile. ;)
  12. Dodge Is Cancelling The Hemi V8

    That is a pretty cool thing that Dodge does. They usually have a fleet of Hell Cats and Chargers at the Mecum Auctions. Free rides on a drifting course and a T shirt. Even a dedicated Ford guy like me con appreciate that, and even wear the shirt occasionally. Unfortunately the heydays of ICE...
  13. Rangers in SNOW

    Agree. While there may be some unhappy parking lot owner involved. ;) In todays world liability and litigation has turned people into such snow flakes. (sorry , could not resist the pun) When I was in High school I had a 57 chevy that I purchased and supported with a paper rout. My friends and...
  14. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    So it wasn't a Ranger but I saw a truck yesterday with this message in the rear window. Hear the whistle, see the smoke, you've been passed by a Power Stroke. :crazy: :) :)
  15. Check those Tremor Decals

    Generally the factory does have some sort of template for the VAT (vehicle assembly technician) to use when applying decals. After applying a few hundred of them they often skip the template step thinking that they can get it right on their own. Human nature I guess. ;)
  16. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    Thanks Bret. We had no serious damage in our immediate location. Unfortunately a friend of mine lost her sister in that candle factory in Maysville that was flattened. She called to say that she and some co workers were sheltering in a restroom. They didn't survive.☹ Local news and weather was...
  17. New Members Introduce Yourself!

    True. Now that you mention it, I have had the tendency to buy the color that is the flagship for a particular vehicle. Tangerine scream Focus ST, Nitrous blue Focus RS, Fighter Jet Grey Mustang Mach 1. I broke the pattern with the Ranger, I think the flagship Ranger in 2019 was the Saber color...