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  1. History is Made

    Looking at the prices it pretty much means that standard 3% inflation rate for up to 70's and then 5% afterwards. Comes out at 30984$ for the 2022. Which is bad for marketing, so they'll cut the low end model to 29,995$ by removing something.
  2. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    Knowing one person from the production team, I've not even tried.
  3. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    It seems that there are really space nazis on the dark side of moon and Elon Musk is now bombing them to oblivion.
  4. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Reminds me of an GM (as general manager) in an old work place. I was visiting my old "habitat" for awhile and while there I did visit my former work place and friends there. Did an hour or two discussion with my successor, and discussed on things which I saw as problems and noted some...
  5. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    It's not a lease. If you try it, you keep it. You crash it, I'll crash you. And you can bet your ass that you will maintain it and any trailer attached to it properly.
  6. Is Society dumbing down a Hero

    Considering his age, training (or lack of) and the actions performed, he went way beyond what was expected of him. A truly inspiring actions, on which he performed and which will inspire others. A title of Hero is well withing his accomplishments, and I'd say that none can deny this. But for...
  7. Is Society dumbing down a Hero

    Hero is someone who goes beyond the normal and by action motivates others to follow suite. Unfortunately in modern times it's down to someone shoveling snow since most city folk don't recognize a spade nor know which way to wield it.
  8. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Took the ranger over to town for a covid test for myself. Drove the country roads with some snowfall while wind was piling the snow from the fields over to the frozen road. There were clumps of 40cm of snow over the road but the ranged made it easy. Slippery as hell. On few gusts I totally lost...
  9. Show me your best pictures of your Ranger.

    I especially like the rocks by the wheel. +1 for safety.
  10. Is there any disadvantage to a SuperCab?

    (would actually fit in the box if not for the mountain top rolling cover blocking 2/3 feet out of it)
  11. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    Jack of all trades, master of none. My pension plan covers everything but seaman's pension. (ok, I haven't ski jumped unless you count Lartzan skijump)
  12. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    Routing issue on layer 8 device. It seems that the layer 8 device is incompatible with the layer 7 application and it seems that the only resolution is for HR to obtain software upgrade.
  13. How about some Jokes [Admin: No Covid or Politics!]

    So you mean that the LED t-shirt is causing the radio interference?
  14. Ford Threatens Dealerships.

    If someone said that "I'm selling you a car, but you can't sell it until a year" I would just tell him/her to f.. off. If I buy it, it's mine, period. No fancy electronics going to change that.
  15. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Netflix: Photo library: :) btw: That is excellent rise on the "devils gorge" for exercise. I think it's 250-276m 1:1-1:2 climb.
  16. Chrysler Going All Electric By 2028

    Mechanically they're stable for 100+ years if nothing hits them. Electricity wise the panels tend to lose 0.5-1.5% year, so if we assume 50% functionality we can deduct that 0.99^x=0.5 and get roughly 69 years. Inverters, balancers, etc. will last for 20-30 years.
  17. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Would have liked to go for this in the army, but was too tall for the requirements. Then I was too poor for the commercial flight academy. And now I'm only too old. I did ftry sail planes for a moment tho, but circling under a cloud is boring as hell. My neighbor got his license just before...
  18. Chrysler Going All Electric By 2028

    Nothing wrong with EV concept. Only issues I can see is cost, range, winter and fuel supply. And by that I mean that 500 mile EV turns into 200 mile EV in Winter and then you have to wait 4 hours to get to the charging station for 2 hour recharge. It would be beneficial to get some form of...
  19. Ranger saved the day

    In Finland we just bite some dried fly agaric and take the next flying raindeer in 15 minutes.