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  1. Beating other trucks from the line

    Lol... I’m a fairly big guy, so I don’t worry too much, plus us Canadians are a little less murdery, just a little more weird when we do the murdering... I used to work at an airport and if you chatted pilots up enough they’d sometimes offer to take you up for a circuit. Had some fun rides in...
  2. Beating other trucks from the line

    Was Wasn’t exactly isolated... actually it’s right behind a big power centre here... Got the dashcam of it if you want I will pull it off eventually.
  3. Beating other trucks from the line

    This happened last week... at a light and a brand new C8 Corvette pulls up beside me. I roll down the window to chat him up because I think C8s are awesome. It’s an older fella, really nice guy... we chat and he asks me what the Ranger is like. I say it’s sweet, but I haven’t really stomped it...
  4. Tremor vs. FX4 build

    I bought mine from Greg at Bradens... As for mods, I put in the Mishimoto cold air intake (I originally installed the aFe Quantum CAI and the scoop, but it was more then I needed. Let me know if you’re interested in it and we can sort something out, it’s great just was too much for my style of...
  5. Tremor vs. FX4 build

    Where in Eastern ON? I am in K-Town. I got the Lariat FX4, and I am happy, suits my needs. Would I like a Tremor? Absolutely. Do I need it? Not really. I think you can probably mod up from the FX4 but the tremor comes pretty much ready. I think with modding up you can get exactly what you’re...
  6. DIY tremor grill

    Wicked my dude
  7. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Dude that’s sick!
  8. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Are those after market headlights or the projectors that come on the lariat with tint and a eyebrow moulding??? I have been considering an aftermarket setup on my lariat but the projectors that come stock are actually really good IMO.
  9. Guess I'm loading up my 87 tune..

    Note the first line in my post... I am not sure about down there (as in the US). Also they compared top tier too cheaper blends... does that mean 91 to 87? They didn’t compare to brands like Shell or BP? If they did what grade did they compare? I actually work at a distribution terminal ...
  10. Guess I'm loading up my 87 tune..

    Don’t know how it is down there, but up here Costco buys the most basic of gas with only enough additive to make it legal for motor use, they then add their own 11 herbs and spices to it... I avoid Costco if I can. Shell Silver is my flavour. Chevron from what I know is good too...
  11. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    My last dog was a wiener dog (and yes he was mine). He was 17 when I had to make the call.... he was a badass, he used to climb up and rest on the side view mirrors and live the dream...
  12. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I miss my good boy... that’s a happy doge right there
  13. Hood alignment

    Now that you mention it I do notice it sounds different. My previous car it sounded very “tinny” so maybe I didn’t notice the Ranger because anything is better then the last car?
  14. Deflectors

    Is that the one that has the Ford logo on it? I saw a 2021 that had the rubbery one and it had a Ford logo on the side
  15. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Finally washed it after 12.5k km
  16. Aftermarket Lug nuts?

    I’m in Canada, so off-road / snow is a given, not a lot of off road by me tho... I have gone a few places and so far stock has been fine. I am looking to rip into some sand dunes this summer and I may have to get some bigger tires... I also know the limits of what I have and don’t push it. But...
  17. Aftermarket Lug nuts?

    Lol I flip flop on levelling mine. Some days I hate the nose rake and other days I don’t. Some days I want it to look aggressive, other days I worry if I don’t change other parts out with the spaces the ball joints or something will wear faster if I just level it.
  18. Deflectors

    It’s two sided tape and something you use to help it adhere, like a bonding enchanter. It’s super easy. Took me 10 minutes. The destructions say not to drive for 24hrs after or wash for 72. But she was stuck after a few hours. I am very happy with it. It seals great. There were two spots on the...
  19. Deflectors

    I got the aero skin from Ford and am very happy with it ($104 CAD) but if you have those points (which Ford says I don’t qualify for) not a bad choice.