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  1. Ranger at Shot Show

  2. Ranger at Shot Show

    lmao… Yeet Cannon Tacoma
  3. Not Happy!

    That sucks. Beautiful truck though.
  4. Black, Sooty Exhaust

    I hate when my tip gets soot on it.
  5. Repairs at another dealer.

    I can see this being true. I recently took my truck to the closest dealership to get my transmission fluid level checked and one of the first things they asked is why I didn't take it to the dealership I purchased it from. Then they proceeded to tell me they couldn't check the fluid level...
  6. WTF did I just watch?

    I love how these morons think they know better than the engineers. Also, what did he record this video with, an iphone 3?
  7. Dash Rattle, Help!

    Have you tried using some force and push down on that area and see if something isn’t clipped in all the way? Otherwise I would just tear it all out and inspect. Nothing else to do really.
  8. Cold weather, no warmup, no acceleration

    Nothing worse than trying to get a dry shaft going... Always get them warmed up first and get the fluids going or you're in for some shaft warping
  9. Cold weather, no warmup, no acceleration

    I think all cars, even modern cars, need at least a 2-3 minute warm up in extreme cold. It’s silly to me in my opinion to start a car in extreme cold and immediately start driving it. Give the damn thing a second to get the juices flowing lol. Even here in Vegas where the coldest it gets is 25...
  10. Controlling your truck with Siri! My video tutorial.

    Worked on my phone, did not work on my watch.
  11. Test Drove A Maverick Today

    Some of the dealerships near me have a thing where if you trade in a car, they get rid of the markup. Have you asked about this?
  12. Rough Country 2.5in coil overs review.

    I have the RC 2.5 struts and they been holding up fine. Done some off roading as well and no issues.
  13. Rust Bucket..?

    Total loss IMO
  14. RTR Grille?

    What grill is this and where did you get it?
  15. 589 Hidden Winch Mount

    That's nice. I like that. Would like to see what it looks like all put together. I want to go this route too eventually.
  16. 589 Hidden Winch Mount

    Any pics?
  17. Ham Radio Install

    Here's my radio. I ran the power cable directly from the battery then through the firewall on the passenger side, and mounted the main radio under the passenger seat so I can hear the speaker loud enough. Using Lido mount as well for the face and the mic. - 73
  18. Anyone installing CB/ Ham radio and/or NMO antenna mount on your new Ranger?

    I love it. I have two of them. One in my truck and one in my shack. Does APRS too and does it really well.
  19. My Oil Report (fuel in oil)

    Thank you, I’ll take a look
  20. My Oil Report (fuel in oil)

    No way of knowing if the rings were set. It’s never been babied, I know that much.