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  1. Oregon Winter wheelset; OEM steel wheels with 235/85r16 Studded Nokian Tires - 1 season of use

    I'm just west of Portland, OR....(1) season on tires / wheels.
  2. Tire Size Fitment Master Thread

    I agree - looks about perfect, you got any overall shots of the truck?
  3. The Iconic Ranger, let's keep it "Stock"

    Make sure you come back and show us that tray on his Ranger when he's done, I'd love to see it...
  4. Biggest tires, no lift?

    While it's not the same size, my 255/75R17 are slightly taller by 1/2" and narrower by 1/2" and some 235/85R16 winters which are same height as your but 1" narrower...I don't personally think enough to make a difference since it's damn close. Worst case, you'll have to push your crash bars...
  5. Biggest tires, no lift?

    Nope 100% stock!
  6. Biggest tires, no lift?

    Thanks! Been running it for close to a year now, full lock no rubbing ever, 100% stock.
  7. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    My winters that just came off are 235/85R16's E's and they were pretty harsh, my 255/75 BFG's C's are more comfortable, it's not huge, but I thought it was noticeable. To your point lots of variables, which rig it's on, vehicle weight, tire type, brand, pressure, etc. "All else equal", which...
  8. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    Be careful, the 255/80s are typically Load Range E and can be awfully stiff / jarring. YMMV thought....
  9. Raptor Diff in USDM Ranger?

    Based on the specs, I'm guessing not: They call out the rear locking diff but are silent on the Torsen front, I'd assume they call it out if it had it...
  10. Pizza Cutters

    Load Rating has a bigger influence than width. Practically speaking, with our trucks and most, the taller skinny tires in Load Range E are a better fit and have higher capacity than a wider Load Range C tire.
  11. Old Man EMU

    This is great - been waiting for this. I've had great luck with OME in the past....
  12. 8492 - 2019 Ranger - Trailer Brake Controller Availability

    So is Ford required to do the Install for rigs with the tow package? I've asked my local dealer and they don't know a thing....
  13. Ordered 255/75R17 - Crazy?

    Any cutting required to fit those tires? Thanks
  14. Icon Vector 6 with BFG KO2 285/70R17

    Fair - could always get bronze and if you were not feeling it just get them powdercoated black.....or yellow, whatever floats you boat :)
  15. Icon Vector 6 with BFG KO2 285/70R17

    I always kinda liked those bronze TRD wheels on silver Tacomas back in the days (personally):
  16. Icon Vector 6 with BFG KO2 285/70R17

    lovely, that is the setup I was looking at too. How far do tires poke out beyond fenders? I was thinking some RTR flares too.
  17. Coilovers with new shoes....

    I assume you used 1/4 spacers in the *front*? That seems to make the most sense due to upper arm clearance.... Great looking rig!
  18. Ford Bronco Testing prior to this Spring Intro

    Thanks for sharing. Granted, I have not been keeping up with all the chatter, but that 'raptor' version looks pretty big to me, like quite a bit bigger than the Ranger based iteration, particularly with those big tires. Not that it would make sense, but it almost looks like they made a Bronco...
  19. psweeney's Adventure Ranger

    Cool bumper....looks slick! If you are planning on marketing/selling these, something worth considering (IMO) is flaring the sides out a bit beyond the body so the aftermarket/raptor fender flares will terminate in-line with the bumper. RTR has these "bumperettes" that do the job, but it would...
  20. psweeney's Adventure Ranger

    Seems about whats needed w/o spacers and 285's. Most guys are putting on 1-1.5" spacers on stock rims effectively reducing the effective offset to the 30-20mm range, so you are right in that ballpark. Interesting to see you move from a 60 series LC to a Ranger. I had a nice 40 series for...