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  1. 2021 SuperCab Headrest & Seatbelt Recall

    Only thing to tell you is there are big delays and I don't think anyone has a crystal ball on when the dam will break.
  2. Ooops.

    I got a small dent in my truck from a gas station 'dent bar' and it makes me ill. No way I could handle this.🥵 But, who would do that anyway?
  3. Ordering a 22' Ranger

    The DESIGN? Likely. The problems with a new design? Probably not. But, yeah, go ahead and shit on my comments if it makes you feel good Dave.
  4. Ordering a 22' Ranger

    IF you need a truck, then do it. IF you just want a truck but could wait, I say wait for the 6g. The 5g is a fine truck, but just saying the 6G will fix a lot of shortcomings on the 5G.
  5. Looking for a new Truck

    I'm not reading 4 pages or replies, but I will say I love the current ranger, but if you can wait for 6G, then wait. I think (hope) a lot of the shortcomings in the current ranger will be resolved. If you can't wait, and you decide on a ranger, it's fine. You'll just be scratching your head...
  6. First door dent... by my own hand. Sad face

    I did the same thing when I was in high school. Not at a gas station, but I backed the door into a tree. Didn't bend it back, just crinkled the panel a little bit.
  7. First door dent... by my own hand. Sad face

    Premium. It's really not bad at all and I'm not sure it will even show up in a pic, but I have to try to get a pic to send to the dent repair guy. It's in the "crease" in the bottom of the door. It's really stupid to even get it repaired, but I don't want to see it every time I get in the truck.
  8. Dealer wants to buy mine back for more than I paid?

    Bought my 2020 in March 21. Fully loaded Lariat. Haven't had any offers and the online offers don't cover my costs. I wouldn't sell unless I could make money, and I'm going to hold off on upgrading until a PHEV 6G... hopefully
  9. First door dent... by my own hand. Sad face

    Had to take a road trip today and forgot to get gas. Stopped, got out carefully knowing that big stupid crash bar thing by the gas pump. Evidently I let the door go and the next thing I know it's bouncing off that metal bar thingie. Mother.....WHAT Add 100 bucks to my road trip cost, cause I...
  10. What’s your favourite (non-tailgate damper) mod you’ve done, for under $100?

    CHMSL Brake light strobe:
  11. Pros and Cons of Different Tunes

    Here's my opinion. Don't bother. I considered it and then found out that they all *may* reduce your warranty. Even the ford tune *may* eliminate the 5 year power train warranty. Some here refute that. It's all how you read it, and if ford honors it. I just installed the EVC throttle...
  12. Tree sap/gum on paint

    To the comment on car washes... touch car washes are the devil. Touchless, fine, if you must (which I do).
  13. Engine vibration

    When I see posts by Phil about the engineering, all I can see is this:
  14. Toyota Made Its Key Fob Remote Start Into a Subscription Service

    F that. But, I'm pretty handy at not paying fees, and you can add that to another service I won't buy.
  15. Best tune for increased throttle response and better shifting

    I just ordered that EVC unit... I posted in a previous post in thread there is a promocode YOURMOM that worked for $20 off, so I paid $188. Not sure I'll keep it, but I'll give it a shot. I decided to not get a tune, as also mentioned in a previous post. I'm happy with the truck, except the...
  16. Am I driving too high? Tire air pressure suggestions

    I ain't got time or interest in chalk tests or whatever. Set the tires at the door sticker pressure and then go get a burger, or a beer. :)
  17. Best tune for increased throttle response and better shifting

    OK. When I was looking I thought I read that with the tune the warranty would be 3yrs/36000 from the time of purchase of the truck, not from purchase of the tune. Note sure what I was looking at.
  18. Best tune for increased throttle response and better shifting

    I'm sure. I'm not a performance monkey. If the ford tune kept the full 5 year power train warranty I would have one already. I'm happy with the truck as-is, and a tune would be cool, but I'm not giving up 2 years of warranty. That's just me, but I'm sure it would be great and probably never...
  19. Best tune for increased throttle response and better shifting

    Well.... it only retains 3 years of the warranty. It does NOT retain the 5 year warranty, as far as I could tell, which is why I decided to not go that route.
  20. Best tune for increased throttle response and better shifting

    HAHA! I just ordered the EVC unit, and for giggles I did a google for coupon codes, and one popped up: YOURMOM I put that code in and got 10% off! $209 - 20.90 = 188.10 google for the win.