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  1. Texas Set of 4 STX Wheels

    On truck for 2k miles. 17 inch. Asking $100.00 obo. In the DFW area.
  2. Texas AFE Apollo GT axle back exhaust

    Sold the truck so the exhaust is for sale. Black tip version. On truck for maybe 1000 miles. $300.00 obo. DFW area.
  3. Texas Sell me your old rims (DFW)

    I have a set of 17 inch STX takeoffs. 2k miles on them, $100 for all 4. I’m in Grand Prairie.
  4. Texas STX 17 Inch Wheels

    No complaints on that. lol
  5. Texas STX 17 Inch Wheels

    I still have them.
  6. Texas STX 17 Inch Wheels

    Set of 4, on my truck for 2k miles. $100.00 cash or PayPal. DFW area, Frisco, TX.