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  1. Snow/Ice rated all-season tire recommendation

    It's not a bad idea really ... we used ours on road trip and because of alignment issue they wore noticably in front. Still with 14k on them they are doing just fine this winter.
  2. powder day

    weird, tried to post more but it is telling me images that are same size are too big.
  3. powder day

    not just a powder day, biggest snowfall in town in 25 years probably... ranger of course was unfazed.
  4. First Look 2023 Ranger: Unmasked and Testing!

    I awesome you're kidding about the tusks, but would love to see a more Bronco ish look, particularly the round headlights and simple grill.
  5. DIY: Adding the 12V Power Outlet Option in the Bed

    An update on my DC-DC system. All installed and working great. *Major* PITA to actually get the wires from the battery to charger but that's a story for a different thread. So far it seems to be charging just fine off battery main even without the National Luna system wire lead for detecting...
  6. Ford 3rd Quarter Sales - Ranger sales place second behind Tacoma

    Yep, gotcha. I'm not going out of my way to look for serious off-road challenges -- I get why people would -- but for me it's mostly about getting to places I want to go and assuming exercise of decent judgement not breaking stuff.
  7. Ford 3rd Quarter Sales - Ranger sales place second behind Tacoma

    Curious where you see the major differences in off-road capability from Bronco to Ranger, and while we're at it including other off-road contenders like Wrangler and Tacoma? Both before and after doing after market work to it. I've been pretty impressed with what the Ranger can do stock, but...
  8. next gen ranger "teased"

    "While the truck is heavily camouflaged, a few details stand out. The overall proportions look similar to the current model, and both extended and crew-cab versions are seen in the video. The most striking design element we can see is the headlights, which appear to have a C shape echoing the...
  9. Ford 3rd Quarter Sales - Ranger sales place second behind Tacoma

    If the Bronco is comparable to a Wrangler and the Ranger is the pickup version of the Bronco, I guess that means that you're buying the Ford equivalent of the Gladiator so you just saved yourself a bunch more! Thinking of the Ranger as a cheap Bronco with a bed makes it seem like a very good...
  10. Official: 2022 Ranger Splash Is Back. One-time-only Colors to Drop Every Few Months

    Also, what does Orange and Black have to do with snow?? :inspect:
  11. Official: 2022 Ranger Splash Is Back. One-time-only Colors to Drop Every Few Months

    ummmm ..... if i was looking for a nostalgic take on a beloved classic vehicle, the Ranger "Splash" package wouldn't be it.
  12. Snow/Ice rated all-season tire recommendation

    I think that symbol is almost meaningless, honestly. I mean, better than without of course. But it comes down to compound (softer, generally) more than tread pattern. That's why I was surprised that the AT4 4S did as well as they do, not sure how they are able to balance wear and cold weather...
  13. Alignment issues at 12k miles

    That makes more sense ... the settling part, I can safely exclude the damper theory because I don't even have a tailgate.
  14. 2023 Ford Ranger

    Not in love with the front end either, but happy they don't seem to have gone with the "I'm a big man with a big truck and a big grill" look of the F-150. And IMO the grill is the weak point of the current models styling anyway. Seems to still have the more rounded lines, clamshell hood, etc...
  15. 2023 Ford Ranger

    My only concern/hope is that the bed shape and hard points stay identical. We will be getting PHEV, and I really want my Alu-Cab to slot in without having to wait for a new adapter kit.
  16. Alignment issues at 12k miles

    I guess not, since the Truck was literally brand new at the time.
  17. KNOCKOFF Ford Ranger Raptor Grille

    "That's a really nice looking Dorf you have there."
  18. Alignment issues at 12k miles

    I guess it kind of makes sense that upping diameter might cause more negative camber. So probably not Ford's fault.
  19. Alignment issues at 12k miles

    Nope, none at all. Totally stock except for tires. I'm wondering if the alignment at least should be covered under warranty.