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  1. Virginia SCT BDX tuner

  2. Virginia SCT BDX tuner

    Bump this post. Still available @ $250 shipped
  3. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Not in the mail BUT.... my wife got me these plate slices for Christmas!
  4. Virginia SCT BDX tuner

    Merry Christmas with a burbon and coke bump
  5. KNOCKOFF RTR Grille

    I dig it man.... Now to convince myself to spend money on something other than christmas gifts Come on man.... the exchange rates for Cannuckistani copecks to freedom dollars isn't that bad....
  6. Virginia SCT BDX tuner

    Updted $250 shipped, in the USA.
  7. Those of you with an aftermarket stereo

    Those of you with an aftermarket stereo, I have a question. While retaining the backup camera, does it display exactly like the oem camera that shows your tire andgle or, anticipated area that you are backing into? I have the peasant model of stero and, am looking into upgrading the headunit...
  8. Virginia SCT BDX tuner

    B.U.M.P. Still available
  9. Virginia SCT BDX tuner

    Sct bdx tuner. Unpaired and unlocked. 265 $250 shipped, in the USA. PayPal, venmo, cashapp accepted Reply here and send me a message please.
  10. Ranger Tailgate Lettering

    Thanks again @mikedrees
  11. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    I went to a few exhaust shops, looking to "delete" the muffler.... 2 shops, with absolutely nothing going on, not closing for a few hours, said, they couldnt get to it today. One shop told me $220. Nah bruh, hard pass.
  12. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Air fresheners!!! I also bought my wife a Cricut Maker. She has been asking for one for years BUT..... I had to test it out and see how it works.
  13. Aftermarket subwoofer

    Id like a few more pics of your rear center console. I have been thinking about making something similar in my super cab.
  14. BAKFLIP Feedback questions - Help Please

    I have the BakFlip G2. I like it but, I miss the coverage that my fiberglass cover had on my 03 ranger edge. I have noticed leaks into the bed with the flip cover. Not down the middle but, most likely form the rails that it attaches to. Not a huge deal as the stuff I have in the bed of the...
  15. Arizona 2021 Ranger STX Wheels and Tires

    Why do all the deals have to be so far away from me....
  16. Need new rear speakers

    I like large screens as much as the next guy BUT... I find it easier to use a physical button/dial.
  17. Siberia LED lights

    Some of them look decent but, holy hell, some of them are spendy as frig....
  18. Post those beautiful faces, don’t be shy

    Wife and I, the day we picked up the truck. I drove 7hrs to get it, after I got off work.