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  1. Genuine Ford Parts, Accessories & Ford Performance

    Do you guys take Fordpass points?
  2. About the back seat recall issue. Pics of fixed headrest

    My fordpass stated I was supposed to get instructions in the mail to test my passenger seat belt but that was months ago. Anybody get this?
  3. Looks like an update is out for Sync

    Is there any reason to update if everything is working to your satisfaction? Last time I updated I found I could no longer scroll through songs without a "safety break".
  4. Side vents

    I don't know why guys buy expensive watches and luxury goods either. If the vent is too expensive people won't buy it, obviously someone is since it's sold out. I've had some terrible products off amazon (had a ladder snap the first step, heatshrink that doesn't shrink lol) so I wouldn't be...
  5. Side vents

    It takes a little searching and yeah it's impossible to do with things like electronics and little plastic stuff but that doesn't mean just give up altogether. There's a bunch of sites like,, etc to search for them. I've had much better results with American...
  6. Side vents

    I buy American I much as I can. Some of it is unavoidable but I certainly don't shill for China.
  7. Side vents

    Most of my life I worked in QC. Every company that outsourced to China did indeed test products here.
  8. Side vents

    An American company with actual QC, even if outsourcing to china is going to be better than a cheap knockoff made by Goxuwee on Amazon.
  9. Is it normal to find water dripping from under cabin and from exhaust?

    That's what mine looks like too. It's more on the other side of the lip, but exact same location
  10. Painting or Vinyl Wrapping the Front Bumper Valence?

    So did you do a bunch of coats with the sensors taped up, then later did a light coat with the sensors uncovered? I'm just wondering if I can get away with multiple coats over the sensors.
  11. Man my retirement accounts are doing awesome.

    Just hold on to the beef-a-roni that's going up in value faster than anything.
  12. Side vents

    I don't like the vents but I'll either keep them, plastidip them or put nice ones like the RTRs on before I buy knockoff chinese crap that will fade or fall off in a couple years. Why downgrade the truck?
  13. Is it normal to find water dripping from under cabin and from exhaust?

    I have the same thing. But mine comes from the bottom of the muffler, like there is a hole in the bottom of it. At first I thought it was a diff leak but no it looks like an exhaust leak. WTF I just hit 14k miles, shouldn't have a hole in it so soon.
  14. Terrain management upgrade?

    For the price of a switch I guess it's hard to argue. I wish I had gotten the locker though.
  15. 2022 Pickup Buyers Guide

    Same here, I refuse to give them the clicks. Depending on what I post I'll use archiving websites so I don't drive traffic.
  16. A way to scroll all for sale threads at once?

    Rather than poke through every individual sub-category, member and vendor for sale threads, is there a way to just scroll through all the posts from new to old?
  17. Terrain management upgrade?

    Has anyone put these modes to the test? I'm thinking of adding it but sorta unconvinced that it's not a gimmick. If all it does is fiddle with ABS and Traction control, how much difference could it actually make? I have 4x4 but no locker.