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  1. North Carolina Engine Umbrella for SALE😜

    Thanks for the update. I have decided to pass anyway.
  2. Tennessee WTS: multiple items

    Decided to pass on the engine cover.
  3. North Carolina Engine Umbrella for SALE😜

    Can you get a shipping cost estimate to ZIP44241
  4. Tennessee WTS: multiple items

    Does the engine cover include the mounting studs and nuts?
  5. Finally built and delivery soon

    WOW 8 months! I ordered mine March 8 and got it on May 10. JiminVA ordered only 8 weeks after me and it took him 8 months. Guess I just got in under the wire.
  6. DIY Built-in Garage Door Opener Module

    Question....Is the button live all the time or only when the truck is on accessory?
  7. Alabama WTS: AutoStop Eliminator

    How would you want to be paid?
  8. Bug deflector/hood protector

    I am considering one but they really stand out on a white truck. Back 1993 you could then in clear and you could have them painted on the back side.
  9. Parking Lights -2021 Lariat

    I replaced mine with single filament chrome bulbs. No more fried egg look. Amber spot is gone but they still flash amber when signal is illuminated.
  10. Parking Lights -2021 Lariat

    Thanks. Ford does put a dual filament bulb though.
  11. Parking Lights -2021 Lariat

    My Lariat does not have amber parking lights on the front, is this correct? Seems odd to me. Thanks
  12. Tailgate Lettering

    Those look like the ones Ford sells. If they are or similar they are nice. I have the ones Ford sells on my truck.
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and a healthy, safe New Year.
  14. Indoor house temperature

    Winter day time 70, night 67. Summer day time 75, night 70
  15. What’s your favourite (non-tailgate damper) mod you’ve done, for under $100?

    How did you make these? What LED's did you use where did you get them? Where did you tie into the vehicle wiring? Did you have any hyper flssh issues? Any other items needes, resister pack etc?
  16. Critters and dropping the headliner

    I would us mouse poision. it is available in little bait boxes that only mice can get in unless the box got chewed up.
  17. Lariat lighting

    What leds did you use?
  18. New grill option on the market.

    Me no likey.
  19. installing Tailgate light bar

    Spoke to Putco yesterday regarding their Blade Tailgate Light Bar for the generation 5 Ranger. It is expected to be released in 4 - 6 weeks. This one will address the issues of compatibility with our trucks electronics. I am looking forward to its release.
  20. Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement?

    Bon Ami can scratch, Bon Ami 1886 formula is supposedly safe for glass.