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  1. Anyone else have one of these?

    There are actually cameras in front of and under the car so you can watch them do your oil change on a monitor next to you. I prefer to go to the dealer (or my own driveway when I have the space) but I've taken many different cars to valvolines all over the country and never had an issue.
  2. Happy trails, all

    I personally don't think the WRX has ever been a looker; even though I'm nostalgic for a clean blob-eye wagon with gold BBS wheels, it's still an ugly car 😂. The power band is actually decent with the twin scroll turbo but it definitely needs a pro tune to dial out the rev hang and the awful...
  3. Happy trails, all

    I know all too well; this is my second one.
  4. Happy trails, all

    Well folks, 2021 has brought a lot of changes for my family and one of them is eliminating the need for a truck. I'm not much of a "truck guy" to begin with and now that I have nothing to tow or haul and nowhere convenient to off-road I decided to avail myself of CarMax's generous offer for my...
  5. Center console shifter....should it light up

    If Ford put half as much effort into this generation of the Ranger as they do the F-150 it would blow every other competitor out of the water by a long shot. Instead they're playing "how much stuff can we delete before the normies realize it?"
  6. ARB Air Locker

    The crew of Expedition Overland have used ARB lockers front and rear on almost all of their vehicles as they travelled between Prudhoe Bay and Ushuaia, I don't think they ever managed to break one. That being said, have your wallet ready if you want one (and its requisite compressor) installed.
  7. Supercrew Naked Backseat

    They're vents for the body of the car, when you slam the door or run the HVAC blower on higher settings the air pressure created vents out of those valves in the body work. On sedans and crossovers they're usually hidden under the bumper covers.
  8. Ceramic Pro 9H

    Ceramic Pro is fine, just know ahead of time that they outspend all of their competitors in marketing and franchise expansion so take that for what you will. The other options out there (CarPro, Geyon, Gtechniq, Chemical Guys...) can get you similar or better results as Ceramic Pro potentially...
  9. Savagegeese

    I think this is its last model year in US too, future collectors item for sure!
  10. Savagegeese

    Here is Ford's offer, to get the rate from the CU you have to fill out a preliminary application so since I'm not going to do that I'll just retract my quote of 0.9%. I'm in eastern NY state just for reference.
  11. Savagegeese

    It's 1.9% for 72 months on the Ford website for me and 0.9% at my credit union so it's really not faint-worthy in my eyes. I guess this is a pointless argument though because no two budgets are the same. In the end it's worth it to me personally to spend more to get what I perceive is a better...
  12. Savagegeese

    I get that prices have gone up and incentives and leftover inventory aren't a thing anymore. That being said, an F-150 optioned similar to my old truck is now about $48,000 yet a Ranger XLT optioned close to the same spec (I say close because there are things you get on the F-150 which aren't...
  13. Savagegeese

    I think the Gladiator is a niche/lifestyle vehicle; almost no one is going to find a realistic use case for a $60,000 Rubicon/Mojave where they not only need the capability but they're willing to smash up a super expensive truck off road. The people driving them are the same dudes I see driving...
  14. Savagegeese

    That's why his review of the 2019 Ranger is titled "Best in Class Letdown". He also shits all over the current gen Colorado and Tacoma in older reviews as well. Having come from an F-150 myself I can understand why he thinks so poorly of midsized trucks; after seeing what the Big 3 can do with...
  15. Interesting story about the ongoing saga with parts shortage.

    The supply issue you're referencing is definitely more nuanced than the microchip issue. I've been trying to educate myself on what goes where but there are so many layers to logistics that I get lost in the details. As far as I can tell you have to account for: country of origin, destination...

    Not to mention that there is no "less capable" version of the Ridgeline available. All of them come with the V6, torque-vectoring AWD, 5,000lbs towing, and (gasp) 8 tie down points in the bed!
  17. Interesting story about the ongoing saga with parts shortage.

    The issue automakers are having isn't that there are no chips, it's that they want the wrong kind and they gave up their spot in line to have them made. The microprocessors used in most cars are several generations behind those in mobile devices and computers. Car makers are more concerned...
  18. Interesting story about the ongoing saga with parts shortage.

    What a roller coaster ride this thread is. Page 1: There are still trucks that need chips Page 2: The PRC/NWO/Lizard People are going to destroy America Page 3: I'd like a new van but the wait is too long
  19. Oil dilution in Mustang or RS 2.3L ecoboosts?

    I think Honda has a similar ongoing issue with their 1.5t engines in vehicles that only make short trips around town and change their oil maybe twice a year if that.
  20. Snorkel Upgrade

    I second the Mishimoto snorkel, it involves a lot less cutting and looks great. We still haven't gotten a firm release date from them so if you have to do it now then the Safari is your only choice.