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  1. Ranger/bronco/ranger raptor difference

    This is getting interesting
  2. Fender vent led

    Damn, that's nice.
  3. Official: 2022 Ranger Splash Is Back. One-time-only Colors to Drop Every Few Months

    That it does! Luckily I ordered my Tremor in May because I couldn't bear the wait any longer. Looks like further affirmation that I've been right to do so.
  4. Brake Controller confusion

    This appears to be the case. Trailer won't brake, truck will.
  5. Best Wheels for a White Truck

    Bought a set magnetic wheels off of someone before I have even taken possession of the truck so I might be biased. I'll be putting my winter tires on them. They look great no matter the color and fit well with the magnetic trim found on most models. Machined look nice but I don't feel like it's...
  6. Colorado WTS OEM Black Appearance Package Wheels $320

    Still available? If yes, I'd like to know how much shipped to Canada, J8P2W4.
  7. Alpharex PRO Review

    Passenger side has the air intake right above it. Haven't taken delivery of mine yet but is there anything that gets warm on the driver side? Is outside air temperature high right now too where you guys are at?
  8. Alpharex PRO Review

    That's not out of the question still. Higher wattage does mean more heat.
  9. What good deals for 4th of July sales have you found?

    Waiting to see if I can't find Alpharex headlights on sale. Shipping is pretty expensive for Canada so I'm hoping for anything.
  10. Alpharex PRO Review

    Would you mind telling me the model number for the LED bulbs you put in? Would like to take a look a dimension or buy the same ones since the result is outstanding. My Tremor is on order and being an XLT, this is the first thing I'm doing on that truck.