New Garage Comments

  1. Nate4x4
    Those of us who live in the middle of nowhere and have poor cell phone coverage use cell phone boosters. All of my company work vehicles have them installed too. It's a normal thing for us here in Eastern MT and Western ND and traveling anywhere...
  3. Roofhopper
    Looks good. That rim and tire package really sets it off
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  4. Roofhopper
  5. RedlandRanger
    Curious about details on the cell phone booster. Never heard of a cell phone booster in a vehicle. Do you have a link or something showing what you installed?
  6. vic1223
    More pics to come when it stops raining/snowing! :giggle:
  7. Nate4x4
    He's a beauty...
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  8. tugger
    Nice Tom, best off luck with your new Ranger.Still awaiting my delivery.
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  9. RIRed
    Hi Mike, You are one of the few Ranger owners on this forum towing four down. One of the reasons I'm buying the Ranger is for it's Neutral Tow Mode. I'm curious to see what you are using as a base plate and tow bar, etc. Expecting delivery of my...
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  10. @zzzziegler
    What kind of price were you able to get that Bak MX4 for?
  11. Bob Larimore
    I like that it has just the right amount of chrome, thinking about getting the bright letters for the tail gate to give it just a little chrome back there like the grill up front, like the black running boards they match up better to the bottom...
  12. SRAces
    My truck will look just like this one!! Due any day now. Looks great!
  13. tugger
    I have same truck on order, Nice!!!!
  14. Lloyd C
    O RING seal missing on presurised turbo air intake tube. The plus is they found the problem the downside is the tube has not been distributed yet to make available at dealership. They are going to try and improvise.
  15. Lloyd C
    I am sitting in the service waiting area because a warning message came on saying drive train 4 wheel drive malfunction take to dealer ASAP. 500 miles. I hope not a major issue.
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  16. Nate4x4
    Very nice...
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  17. Tinsoldieroh
    EBAY Premium Cast Vinyl Decal Inserts for 2019 Ford Ranger Tailgate 19.99 Multiple colors seller tvddecals Hope that help FLEngineer
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  18. FLEngineer
    Congrats on finally getting the truck; looking good! If you get a chance I'd love to see more details on the tailgate lettering as I'm considering this myself.
  19. LightningBlue
    Your truck looks so good I almost wish I got white :crying:
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  20. Stevie Gee
    The grill looks great!
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