Ford Adding “Massive Overtime” To Meet Demand for 2019 Ranger

Just how popular is the new 2019 Ford Ranger? So much so that Ford will be adding overtime shifts at its Michigan Assembly Plant starting next week in order to meet the enormous demand.

The Blue Oval told the media that while it expects initial January sales to top 1,200 Ranger vehicles sold, based on customer feedback, more than 300,000 potential buyers have said they plan to purchase the new Ranger.

“Based on the orders coming in, and based on the hand-raisers, we think the demand’s going to be so strong, that starting in February our assembly plant will be going into massive overtime,” Kumar Galhotra, Ford’s president of North America, told reporters.

The mid-size pickup truck wars are heating up and Ford is well positioned with the huge pent-up demand for the 2019 Ford Ranger.